FreeFisher High Cut Panties

These full brief lace panties are gorgeous and, with a high cut like this, there’s plenty of coverage to go around. I rather like the pink band crossing the center of the panties at 2/3 height, pleasing proportions. These panties also come in red and black, and purple and peach. The purple is very regal, […]

High Cut, High Texture Panties for Men

I know how much men who wear lingerie love hi-cut panties, and I think these particular panties will be a winner. The red is particularly stunning, but if you don’t like red, there’s black and white and even a pink option to choose from. The detailing on these panties is not overwhelming, I’d call it […]

Chantelle Spandex Beauty Hi-Cut Panties

Occasionally I come across a pair of panties that is special. Well, all panties are special, but some are more special than others, as the saying goes. These black and violet hi-cut panties from Chantelle are beautiful. They have sheen and shine and grace – and let us not forget the tasteful black lace. I […]

Vanity Fair Lace Hi-Cut Panties

Ah, hi-cut panties, panties that give your upper thighs plenty of space for activities, but also provide wonderful coverage fore and aft. (Those are mariners terms of course, which is very appropriate given that mariners love a good pair of panties to keep themselves well supported on the high seas. These ‘Helenca’ high cut panties […]

Ladybug Panties For Men…

Velvet Kitten knows how to make panties you’ll want to pounce on, bat around, and finally fall asleep all curled up in, and these panties are no exception. With a playful black polkadot on red fabric center panel, edged with black lace which sweeps around to a shapely lace rear, these panties bring out the […]

Magic Eye Panties from Vanity Fair

Every now and then Vanity Fair makes a pair of panties in which you can see a boat. Or a dolphin. Or some other thing. I don’t know, I can’t do those magic eye things, but I know these pantie meet the criteria for ocular confusion and are part of a longstanding line of fine […]

Give N’ Go Full Cut Briefs

Need some better panty coverage? Can you hear me now? These panties offer superior lingerie briefness for your backside and other parts of your anatomy as well. Their nylon spandex construction means they’re soft, comfortable and nice and stretchy in all the right places. They also come in a plethora of colors, so you’ll be […]

Italian Lingerie, Sweet Samba Panties

These plus size panties are HOT, with an Italian design flair which is evident in details big and small. The slightly retro, but oh so bold paisely inspired pattern takes the ubiquitous floral motif and elevates it, while generous black lace elegantly encases the body in a flattering cut perfect for wearers of any size. […]