Bodysuits, Camisoles and Teddies For Men

Bodystockings, Camisoles and Teddies, all denizens of the torso. Sweet lingerie that can tease, that can please, that is sure to blow your mind. The Call Of Camisoles Nothing screams sexy like a well made camisole. Lightweight, innocuous under clothing, but oh so feminine, many men love to wear camisoles as part of their daily […]

Cheeky Cotton Camisoles For Men

I love camisoles and I know you men do too. If you didn’t before you read this article, you will afterwards, because I’m beaming my thoughts directly into your head through your eyes. Like a super mouse villain, except with more lace. Why love camisoles? Well, I’ve said it before and I will no doubt […]

Sexy Silk Camisoles For Men

There’s very little in the world prettier or more “innocent” than the camisole, and there’s certainly no material more sensual than silk. Silk camisoles can easily become part of a man’s everyday wear as they are largely unobtrusive under a shirt of any sufficient weight and are certainly completely undetectable under a suit jacket. See […]

Dreamgirl Shalimar Charmeuse Babydoll

A babydoll is something longer than a camisole, but shorter than a robe or gown. It’s a little dress like scrap of lingerie that’s designed to hit around about the upper thigh. A silky smooth babydoll can turn the simple act of going to sleep into a slip and slide sensation. This particular babydoll from […]

Guest Blogger: An Army Man In Panties

Thanks to Paula, who sent this post about his experiences as a man who wore panties during tours of duty in Iraq, and how he came to discover the joys and benefits of being a panty wearer. If you’d like to contribute your own experiences or perspectives to the blog, please do email me: […]

Why Hide When You’re A Man Who Wears Women’s Clothes?

I recently received the following comment on one of my articles, and I thought it raised a significant point, one that I’ve addressed before to be sure, but one that is worth addressing again. Chris said, Question: Why hide it? Let’s keep pushing the frontier so that I can wear at work a visible lace […]

A Bunch Of Guys and Gals Write Saucy Things About Lingerie

The scandal continues,  with lots of comments left on Hub Pages that simply can’t see the light of day in a ‘family friendly’ environment. On the Hub The Panty Pyramid: alan grimsby  says: spot on again hope,i have large pantie collection allso because i have far to many to wear so lots go into the collection […]

Wives Are Not Jailers

I have received not one, but two separate comments today on various articles from men who wear lingerie and whose female partners either agreed to it up front, then changed their minds after 16 years, or who refuse to allow their men to wear lingerie at all. First, here are the comments along with the […]

The Tale of Spider Silk Lingerie

In which one man finds a way to wear lingerie against the odds… For years, Mortimer had dreamed of wearing women’s lingerie. Unfortunately, his wife Deirdre was less than supportive of the whole idea. Less than supportive was a bit of an understatement really, she was vigorously anti the idea of him owning anything remotely […]

Man Wearing White Lace Lingerie

Thanks to one of my very kind readers for sharing these great pictures of himself in lovely white lacy lingerie! This is a great set of pictures as it demonstrates not only that men can look great in lingerie, but that, depending on the pose, a man can look quite masculine or quite feminine when […]

Men In Panties Pictures

Readers share their pictures of themselves wearing lingerie! These pictures are provided with thanks to the kind readers who chose to share of themselves and their lingerie. If you’d like to be included here, send your photos to To view PART ONE, just scroll down! PART TWO For MORE pictures of men wearing lingerie, […]