Having Fun With Bras For Men

Brassieres, ever the domain of the buxom woman, are becoming a popular fashion item amongst male wearers. Why? Well, in some cases, wearing a brassiere provides a man with much needed support (in these modern days of hormone imbalances, significant numbers of men suffer from medical conditions which cause them to grow sufficient tissue to […]

Comfortable Cotton Bras For Men

I recently received a question on the He Wears Panties forum regarding comfortable bras for men. As the reader noted, men tend to perspire more than women, and combined with snug synthetic fabric many pretty womens bras are made from, this is a recipe for discomfort and even rashes. Well, there is a solution to […]

Sensual Silk Bras For Men

Silk. The soft, sensual feeling of silk against skin is a sensation every lingerie lover should experience at least once in their lifetimes, and if at all possible, once a week or more. Silk panties are quite often on a man who loves lingerie’s shopping list, but what about a silk bra or two? A […]

Becoming Feminine | Frilly Bras For Men

The interesting thing about lingerie designed for men who want to feel feminine and girly is that it is often designed in a very hyper feminine, hyper girly way. It is so feminine and girly in fact that it far out feminizes and girlifies anything a woman might wear. Some men like this kind of […]

Bras For Men

Men who wear lingerie are often incredibly passionate about their bras, and why not? Bras are beautiful, delightful feminine pieces of clothing that truly support a man throughout his day. Though widely regarded as being exclusively women’s attire, there are plenty of men who benefit from wearing bras. Here are some of my top guides […]

Bullet Bras, Deadly Gorgeous Bras For Men

Some of you may be old enough to remember the time, (or old enough to have watched television programs which depict a time,) where women’s bras were not the contour formed works of art that they are today. No. Once upon a time, a woman’s bra did not curve with the shape of her bust, […]

Daring Demi Cup Bras For Men

Demi cup bras, as one might imagine, are brassieres which have low cut cups which barely hope to contain the treasure inside. When women wear demi cups they are at constant risk of spilling out all over the place, which is why demi cup bras have become so popular over the years in places like […]

Sporty Stealth Bras For Men

Bras are fun, bras are hot, but bras are also much harder to get away with than panties. If you intend on wearing a brassiere out in the field, and if the possibility of hostiles becoming aware of your hidden cargo is of concern to you, why not try one of these stealth bras, made […]