Dandelion Lace Back Tanga Panties

dandelion lace back tanga panties

Maidenform makes some of the most solid panties… in the worrrllld. And when I say solid, I don’t mean that they’re hard and unyeilding, I mean that they are made with superior attention to style, detail, and making sure the seams stay where they’re supposed to. (In this case, we have a center butt seam which gives extra definition to the wearer’s curves and swerves.) These particular panties are just stunning in dandelion yellow, but if gold tinted lingerie isn’t your thing, they also come in a wide range of other colors and patterns, from the bold to the demure, the classic to the contemporary.

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Sangallo Cotton Thong for Panty Men

designer white thong panties

This pristine white thong has all the appeal of an evening stroll on a Bahaman beach. Beautiful eyelet embroidery adds tasteful appeal, while the thong cut provides the minimalist silhouette all thong wearers adore. This is a panty designed to showcase the wearer and accompany him into a myriad of incredibly classy lingerie dreams. These are the panties you’d wear if you were going to meet royalty, or perhaps to a black tie event. If you’re looking for some designer fashion with minimalist yet classic style, it’s hard to go past Sangallo.

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Lacy Intentions by Olga

olga lacy panties for men

I think it’s safe to say that most everyone reading this has some seriously lacy intentions. Olga understands that, and has created panties with a fully realized lace fantasy. These panties come in a range of typically classical colors, the beiges are well represented, but we do also have a royal blue for those with greater aspirations. Beautifully made, Olga panties have long been a staple of many men’s panty drawers. Might these be a new addition to yours?

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Charming Beautiful Buttock Panties For Men

beautiful man panties

I was first drawn to these panties because of their clean lines, mesh back and tasteful embroidered side panels. I stayed with these panties because they also come with some of the best Engrish descriptions ever, and because of that I’m not even going to edit them, I’m just going to share them as they naturally appeared in the wild:

Perfect in package buttock and show your natural fruity charming beautiful buttock.

Made of superior cotton,polyester and spandex, the panties feels soft and comfort when you touching. With the lace joint design on the back and exquisite embroidery on the front, it best show your taste. Besides, the front style can mobilize the atmosphere on the lovers.

Well, I’m sold, how about you?

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Grow Your Lingerie Obsession With Elomi Botanical Panties

elomi botanical panties

Every so often I see a pair of panties which give me a physical reaction of delight. These panties made me make a little squealing sound because they are so pretty and so elegant and so perfectly botanical for the season of spring which it totally is assuming you live in the northern hemisphere, which I don’t, but being a dark and twisted Adams family type of person I prefer Fall anyway, but we are way off track because… panties!

These are called the Edie brief, which makes me wonder if they are at all inspired by Little Edie of Gray Gardens. A coincidence, perhaps? Or perhaps not. Gardens. Botanical prints. A full cut brief with some of the most classically inspired lace work I’ve seen in a while… all the elements are there!

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Fun Panties For Fun People

colorful lace panties for men

These cute, colorful panties come as a pair, so you don’t have to pick between them. You could even wear them both at once if that was something that took your fancy. Neon lime with pink trim and pink zebra with black lace trim are your options here, and the most difficult thing you’ll encounter in your dealings with these panties is deciding which of them you like the most. (And that’s not even something you have to actually do, you can love them both equally, because panty love should be multiplied, not divided.)

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High Rise Thong Panties, Towering Lingerie

high waist thong panties for men

Ever wished you could wear a thong, but still have enough coverage to smuggle a small circus? The fine folks at Commando lingerie have heard your silent cries and engineered the panties you see here. From the front they are demure lace creations, covering everything from belly button to unmentionable. From the back… well….you see what they’ve done here, don’t you. It’s a subversion of our panty expectations! A revolution in pantitude!

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Luminous Low Rise Lace Bikini Panties

lace panties for men low cut

These panties are so brightly colored I think they might qualify as hi-vis clothing for worksites. (Check with your foreman first.) If you’re looking for a bright, cheerful pair of bikini panties to welcome the new season, you might just have found your lingerie match. Innovative lace placement in the midsection of the panties rather the top or bottom makes these fairly unique, suitable for a conversation piece at the right kind of party.

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Paradise Silk Panties For Men

silk bikini panties for men

Today I present you with not one, but three silken panty options for your perusal! The panties pictured above are a gorgeous string bikini fashioned in the softest silk guaranteed to make you feel sensual all day long.

Visit Paradise and check out these pure silk string bikini panties here…

If you’re a larger fellow and you want bang for your buck, why not go for a triple threat?

triple silk panty pack

Two out of three reviews for these silky panties are from men*, which means that although these are women’s lingerie, they’re a hit on the male market. One out of three reviews is mildly inappropriate, which means they’re also a hit on the market for people who aren’t entirely sure how to behave in public. Does that sound like a perfect panty storm to you?

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Or, if three panties are hardly enough, and if you require a size other than XXL, then try the specially designed silk thong six pack, available in all sizes and a range of delicious colors.

lace thong panties for men

100% silk panties with a cheeky thong back, one for each day of the work week, with one to spare for weekend delights (or as a backup for panty emergencies.)

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Captive In Bikini Panties

classic black lace panties

These panties come with a captivating style, and a captivating moniker, which is literally ‘Captivate’. So you’re forewarned, forewarned and probably, if you’re here, forepantied too. What drew me to this particular item of lingerie was its classical styling matched with black mesh and lace tastefully offset by white ribbon accents. These panties provide good coverage, but not much camouflage. The lace is exquisite and the polka dot mesh adds extra texture and panty appeal. A very nice pair of underwear, suitable for romantic dinners, long walks on the beach, or admiring with a special friend.

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Jack Smith’s Lace Thong Panties For Men….

… who like their panties to have masculine names.

man panties for men lace

Isn’t it refreshing to see some pretty lace panties made under a masculine moniker? There are so many panties out there with names like Elle or Chanelle, or Sashay Chantay, or Madeline, or Normandie Ellene. Now there’s a Jack Smith, a panty fox in the lingerie hen house.

As you might gather from the picture, these run a little small, or a lot small. They’re not so much for covering as they are for showcasing. Shiny lace does wonders for the manhood, doesn’t it.

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Animal Print Panties With A Twist (Of LSD?)

thong animal panties for men

Do you appreciate animal prints, but hate how the colors are always so earth toned? This cacophony of color is sure to delight your senses as you gaze upon the most psychidelic animal print this side of spring 1967. I love these panties, especially the mesh panels at the side which are even brighter than the main thrust of the garment, a floral riot accompanying your pink yellow and blue cheetah passion. For sheer eye appeal, these panties win whatever they want to win.

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