Go Bottoms Up With Calvin Klein

calvin klein bottoms up panties

What’s better than a pair of Calvin Klein panties? A trio of them. These Bottoms Up panties come in a three pack (or, put another way, are currently 3 for $30), which is not only economical, but bountiful. They come in three colors, namely Black, Buff, and Catwalk. Only one of those words usually refers to a color but we know what they mean, don’t we? Sort of anyway. Euphemism for beige is what ‘Buff’ is, and ‘Catwalk’ is a pun for animal print. That’s right panties with puns. I think that’s one of the signs of the apocalypse.

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Designer French Panties, La Redoute!

french lace panties

Bonjour mes amours! Today we have some foreign flavor to our panty selection, a gorgeous blue number from France. Stunning tulle tanga panties featuring embroidered lace with a touch of European elegance. These panties are so French that their sizes run one smaller than usual US sizes. Because the French love to be difficult. And to be metric. And to host the most musical rebellions of the modern age.

I’m no French speaker, but according to Google translate, Redoute translates to Redoubt which is a kind of fort. If a man’s home is his castle, then his panties surely are his fortress, no?

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Hanky Panky Copper Filigree Panties

copper panties for men

Ever wish your panties had something a little more elemental about them? Hanky Panky has taken their soft lace fixation a little further and added copper to the mix with these filigree design undergarments. These stunning panties will have you running your fingers over them all day long, potentially distracting you from less important things than lingerie. Which is most things.

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Stella McCartney Panties For Men

stella mccartney panties for men

When the daughter of a Beetle makes some panties, I guess you better wear them. Assuming the price tag doesn’t send your credit card crawling into the depths of your panty drawer for refuge. Stella calls these panties ‘giggling boyleg’ panties, and though I have no idea what that means, I do know that they have a bohemian lace styling and a minimalist cut which will probably please a lot of panty wearing men.

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Velvet Smooth Vanity Fair Panties

vanity fair smooth panties for men

Vanity Fair is the sort of panty creator with an emphasis on quality over bright colors and other modern shenanigans. These panties are no exception to that rule. An elongated V lace panel at the front of the panties provides a note of elegant style, while the main body of the garment is dedicated to satiny smooth nylon expanses which are sure to make wearing these panties a pleasurable experience.

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Cosabella Two Tone Italian Panties

designer panties for men

Now here’s a panty scheme I haven’t seen in a very long while – and I bet you haven’t either. Usually panties are one color or another, but these Italian made Cosabella panties start out pink and fade to pristine white. There are two variants to choose from a lighter pink termed ‘Lotus’ or a darker shade called ‘Persian Violet’. Frankly, I think these panties look good enough to eat.

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Porcelain Viva Panties from Panache!

pinstripe panties for men

Men always look good in pinstripe, and these panties from Panache are no exception. The living porcelain range sounds like a working title for one of those movies where a doll comes alive and starts dismantling people, but the panties themselves are gorgeous with contemporary styling which is not afraid to gently evoke some Regency glamor with the contrasting lace trim. A sheer rear in the same pinstripe mesh creates a fascinating illusion of crouching buttocks, hidden ledgers. These are panties that are not afraid to get down to business, but are equally happy taking smelling salts for a fit of the vapors.

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Natori Luxure Garter Brief Panties

natori garter belt panties

My favorite lingerie is almost always made by Natori. I love their style aesthetic. I love how it is always original and yet somehow classical, I love how they can be original without being brash, bold without being cocky. This is lingerie you could comfortably wear to a White House reception.

These panties in particular catch my eye for their geometric ribbon and lace work, the garters flowing naturally from the lines created within the garment. And because the garter straps come attached to the panties, these are perfect for men looking to explore the world of traditional stockings of the kind that don’t stay up of their own accord.

What you’re looking at here is something special, the kind of panties you buy when you want to take your lingerie collection to the next level.

Explore the delicious world of Natori garter panties here… (and uncover the mesh secrets of the back of these panties.)

Animal Lace Panties For Primal Men

black lace animal print panties

Animal print normally doesn’t come in lace, because lace was bought out by the floral union three hundred years ago and up until recently, only flowery lace patterns were allowed because of patents and maybe Monsanto.* But GAP has taken a great leap forward and put out a range of tanga lace panties with a cheetah lace print. And that’s something to be excited about. Or at least notice, and maybe exhale a little more forcefully about.

These panties come in a range of colors, with a range of color names. I respect a company which can keep a straight face and call a yellow pair of panties ‘new chamois beige’. It takes a lot of late nights with a lot of stimulants and an overabundance of thesarusi to come up with that sort of thing.

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*Some of these things I just make up. Terribly sorry. The panties are real though.

Freya Panties For The End of the World

freya rapture panties

Are you ready for the rapture? Do you have your panties planned? If not, Freya has you covered. These mesh and lace geometric undergarments are apparently just what you’ll need when fire rains from the sky and the dead rise from their graves and other general unpleasantness ensues. You won’t be able to beat back the walking dead in any old attire, nor will you be able to transmogrify into a sheep or a goat. I may be mixing end of world fables here, but you get my gist. These are the sort of panties that will get you through tough times in comfort and style while evoking the Norse goddess of love, sex, beauty, and er, well, death.

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The Future of Hi-Cut Panties Is Here!

gorgeous wacoal panties

Contemporary style isn’t necessarily what one thinks of when one things Wacoal, but would you look at the sleek, almost futuristic lines of these panties! Although these are hi-cuts which veer dangerously close to the granny panty – these certainly aren’t your grandmother’s undergarments. The mesh panels are perfectly placed to create an almost g-string effect while still providing the wearer with all the delicious coverage he desires. And there’s an almost architectural bent with the way triangles compliment curves and lines plunge from waistband to you know where. I’m deeply impressed with these panties, and I think you might be too.

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Wacoal Dahlia Bikini, Delicious Designer Lingerie

wacoal designer bikini for men

Dahlia is the sort of name one heard a lot of in the 19…mumble mumbles, but it isn’t often used these days. Unless your name is Wacoal and you’re one of the premier lingerie designers on the globe. Pointing out the detailing on these panties is like taking a tour of an art museum. The lace detailing on the sides evokes angels wings, and the asymmetrical waistband puts other panties to shame with its elegant sweeping lines culminating in a restrained flat bow which sports an undeniable modern touch. Available in the deep rose pictured above, and in a startlingly dramatic beige with black contrast, these are some panties you won’t want to miss out on.

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