Panty Adventures! Vintage Rose Panties

vintage rose panties for men

Look at these panties! I love them because not only are they pretty, but they have a certain subversiveness to them. It’s like they’ve taken note of the ubiquitous floral theme that creeps through the world of lingerie, and instead of bucking the trend, have decided to go large with it. Like Lady Gaga in a meat dress, but more appealing to General Tastes. (General Tastes loves his panties, you know ;)

Kissed By The Rose On The Lace Panties!

The Importance Of Men Wearing Lingerie

This is part of the series of articles being re-posted from their original location.

Men wearing lingerie. Some might say that this sort of thing is heralding the decline of Western Civilization, (along with the atheist homosexual agenda, whatever that may be), but it is undeniable that many things that once were firmly stuck in the closet have been coming to light over the last decade or so. Just a few months ago, same sex couples were granted the right to marry in California, and in the years prior to that, same sex marriage, or civil unions became a reality in several countries. It’s not just the gay community which has benefited from this new freedom however, it is also the straight community, who can now be freer about their proclivities and desires in ways that would have been career destroying in the 1980’s.

Men who like to wear lingerie, for instance, can now do so more openly than ever before. Several of my readers have written to me, or commented on how they quite often shop for lingerie in stores, not in a surreptitious manner, but openly and forthrightly. Not only are they not demonized and cast out of the store for wanting to purchase bras or panties, they quite often report receiving exemplary service from the store clerks. Whilst not all men who like lingerie may enjoy this extent of purchasing freedom, it is none the less a step in the right direction that those souls who do brave the public eye, are more often than not, treated no differently from any other customer.

With increased exposure comes increased understanding, not just of others, but of ourselves, and the way society works.

Though you probably wouldn’t think it to read all these articles, the wearing of panties or a bra by a heterosexual man is hardly what I would call red letter news. They’re simply scraps of fabric which mean nothing in themselves, but which have been invested with meaning and significance by society at large. For a man to wear them, taboos and boundaries must be stretched, if not shattered. Some people find this disturbing. The idea of a man in lingerie can even be sickening to these people – yet if you covered the same guy with a T-shirt instead – simply a differently shaped piece of fabric, everything would be okay.

Men wearing lingerie pushes our ideas of masculinity, and challenges the inbuilt social programming which we are subjected to from an early age. This is not always pleasant, and many people will reject the idea, calling it gross, and even ‘wrong’. If they took the time to think about it in a more abstract sense, they might be surprised at the vehemence they reacted with. If we’d been raised from babies to believe that men wore skirts and women wore slacks and that lacy panties were imbued with inherent masculinity, would we then be ‘disgusted’ to see a man in a pair of boxer shorts? Probably.

The choice then is do we see beyond the artificial constructs which frame society, forcing us all into little boxes denoted by dress, accessories, and toys, or do we look beyond those things to the things that matter: kindness, humanity, love, acceptance, tolerance and lace.

Fruit Of The Loom Panties For Sex

The title of this post is somewhat misleading, but that’s because Amazon’s search results are misleading these days. I typed ‘panties’ into the search bar and Amazon suggested that I try ‘panties for sex’ – because apparently that’s a common search term on Amazon.

So, of course, being only human, I tried the panties for sex search. And I got this:

fruit of the loom sexy panties

This six pack of Fruit of the Loom panties which come with the mysterious, yet common customer review: I received pastel colored solids and returned them.

In addition to sexiness, these panties occasionally come in pastels, not the pictured ‘heather patterns’. Be warned. Warned! Warned of their sexiness, warned of their cotton polyester blend and warned of potential pastelness.

Sexy Fruity Loom Panties

Pearl G-String Bikini

pearl g string pantiesFew panties offer the wearer the opportunity to wear a string of pearls in the crevice of one’s derriere, but these ones do. I can’t guarantee that these will be the utmost comfortable panties, owing to the pearl string extending past all sorts of immeasurably sensitive areas. These aren’t cheap either, but the chance to bejewel one’s buttocks never is.

View more pictures of the Bracli Creations Pearl G-String

Stepping Out Of The Panty Closet

This is one of a series of reposted articles taken from my original Hub Pages site, which is currently being decimated in an attempt to cleanse the internet of anything that might offend people who think that the world should be santized for the benefit of their offspring. I’m rehosting them here, a location where adults are free to be adults and discuss adult topics and ‘mature’ isn’t a dirty word.

This article relates to an issue that I know affects a great deal of men who like to wear women’s lingerie. You meet someone, she’s beautiful, and she’s sweet, and she is smart, she’s everything you want in a woman. There’s just one problem – she either doesn’t know about your proclivities towards wearing women’s lingerie, or she can’t stand you wearing it. In either case, you’ve run up against a very sticky problem. What do you do?

There are two levels of problem here, the first one is more easily solved than the second. The first one is that she isn’t into it because you haven’t told her about it. Many men avoid telling their partners until later on in the relationship because they fear rejection. This is a mistake for a couple of reasons. One, there is a stage in a relationship, usually around the time that things start getting intimate, when it is only fair to her and you to reveal this desire.

The second reason it is a mistake to withold the fact that you wear lingerie is illustrated by comments on some of these hubs from women who say things like “Well if he wore lingerie, he better tell me on the first date, because I’ll never see him again.”

Tell me, do those women sound like nice people? Do they sound like someone you’d be happy in a relationship with? Chances are, if a woman rejects a potential mate based on what they wear regardless of their personality or any other characteristics, then she is more than likely going to be one of those soul sucking succubi who will consume you from the inside out.

People who are that narrow minded when it comes to someone they care about will have a hard time accommodating other life problems. If you can’t wear panties, then what else isn’t going to be acceptable in her world? What unrealistic expectations is she going to put on you as a man? If you lose your job and can no longer afford to buy nice clothes, will she leave you?

I am not saying that simply because a woman doesn’t want to be with a man who wears panties sometimes that she is evil, I am saying that the type of thinking that leads a person to reject a loving, caring, smart, etc guy based on his underwear is so flawed that it cannot help but have a negative impact in other areas of their life. Bottom line, if you tell her and she reacts like that, then she would make you miserable anyway.

Here’s a secret guys… if a woman loves you, she won’t care if you want to wear a dinosaur suit while making love, as long as its not all the time, and as long as you are equally accommodating of her needs and desires as she is going to have to be of yours.

I’m going to let you in on a little personal story… I wasn’t always a fan of men who wore lingerie. I didn’t even think about it. It just wasn’t something that had ever come up. Then one day I met a man, grew to like him, and at an appropriate point in our relationship, as we began to get intimate and share our desires, he shared the fact that he liked to wear womens lingerie sometimes. It was a little odd at first, but I loved him, and I soon grew to like the lingerie, to the point that I now write about it extensively.

If you’re in the closet and it doesn’t affect you, if you’re happy in your relationships, and you can live with there being a significant facet of your life that your significant other doesn’t know about, then fine, but if it is eating away at you any making you unsatisfied, then coming out of the closet isn’t just something you need to do for you, its something you need to do for your partner too. If she refuses to accept it at first, there may still be a way forward if you are willing to discuss the matter and perhaps negotiate with her. If this is a revelation you have sprung on her after several years of marriage, or if you’ve been together for several years, then be prepared to take the heat, you do deserve it.

Relationships are about negotiation and fufiling one another’s desires. Seek to find a way that you can pursue your lingerie wearing interests to the benefit of both of you.

Seamless Lace Panties, Comfort and Allure Collide

seamless lace panties

Panties without the seams are like bread without the crusts, or silver linings without the clouds – better in every way. Most seamless panties tend to be fairly boring and monochrome, designed for people who sort of wish they didn’t have to wear underwear. But these panties, these panties are sexy, gorgeous, alluring and a little bit naughty. You don’t need me to tell you that though, because you can see them and come up with your own adjectives. Check out the link below to see a few more angles on this fine speciment of super comfortable, super sexy lingerie.

Lace Seamless Rose Embroidery Panties

Gold Panties For Guys

gold panties for guys

The price of gold is plummeting, but it’s always a good time to invest in gold panties. These wet look micro panties are an excellent buy, and they come with a scrunchy butt back which means your cheeks will be separated to look their best each on their own globular merits. If you prefer silver to gold, these panties also come in the same wet look metallic fabric but with a silvery sheen.

Shiny Gold Low Rise Panties

Charming Intense Lace Bikini Panties

intense bikini panties for men

Currently on sale at around 20% off, these gorgeous imported panties from Claudette are absolutely stunning. With soft, shiny and silky satin fabric in delicious and rather unique colors, the key to these panties is the fringed lace features designed to lay against the wearer’s upper thigh. If you enjoy the soft caress of lingerie during your every day affairs, then you’ll appreciate these panties for their sensuality. There’s also a matching brassiere with equally delightful black lace accents. Very much worth a look!

Claudette En Dentelle Intense Bikini Panties

Palais Royal Panties For Men

calais royal panties

Royal things are in at the moment, thanks to the courtship, marriage and subsequent nigh inevitable spawning of a couple of late twenty-somethings being fetishized internationally in a way that makes the love for panties in this place look like a passing interest. But we’re not here for my views on current events and the world at large, we’re here because panties. And these are certainly panties. The ‘palais’ in the name of these panties evokes a certain Frenchness, which I approve of because to my mind, royalty rather peaked with the French Revolution and frankly hasn’t been the same since.

Behold the beautiful sequined mesh of this lingerie, formed like the spokes of a wheel which turns and turns but never becomes stale. There is a matching bra for this panty, the blue style of which is referred to as Konigsgarten, or as we English speakers like to call it ‘the King’s Garden’ – and what more appropriate name for panties which will surely appeal to male wearers of the finest lingerie?

Look upon the mighty, yet delicate Chantelle Palais Royal Panty

Sand Zebra Animal Panties For All Day Comfort

sand zebraDo you like to wear panties all day long? Do you like to be comfortable whilst you do it? Do you think the concepts of sand and zebras aren’t combined often enough? If you answered yes to any of those questions. Or if you answered no to any of those questions, then these are possibly the panties for you. Designed to be super comfortable in a range of color styles, including the outrageous animal pattern shown above. But there’s also two shades of brown, which is great news for the beige brigade. One is mocha, and one is plain sand. For people who thought that the animal print waistband was too gaudy. In addition to mocha and sand there’s black, black with animal print waist and minty blue. Minty blue. Heck yes.

But that’s not what’s truly exciting about these panties. What’s truly exciting about them is that they feature 4-way stretch, which I think means that these panties stretch through the x,y and z axis – as well as through time itself.

Check out these time travelling animal themed super comfortable panties from Warners!

Panties Under Five Bucks From Rene Rof

cheap panties for men

In spite of the fact that the maker of these panties sounds like something my dog might say after spending an afternoon chewing grass, these are some pretty and inexpensive panties that won’t break the budget. Unless the budget was less than 4.95, in which case, they sort of will. What these panties lack in price, they make up for with a plethora of prints and styles. Frankly, I can’t stop feasting my eyes on many of these designs, they look good enough to eat. Click on any of the images in this article to be taken to product information for the panties displayed. There are just so many in such a vibrant range of colors I can’t pick one pair or style to feature.

Some might call these garish, and maybe they’d be right. But you know what else was fairly garish? The 80’s and I don’t think any of us regret the 80’s. Right?

Like what you see here and want to see even more?

Check out the complete Rene Rof panty line!

Embrace Lace Chemise, Bra and Panty Set

embrace lace lingerie for men

Why not wear a chemise with your favorite panties? This three piece ‘Embrace Lace’ set from Wacoal is comprised of highly sophisticated and unique lingerie. I say three piece, but you can mix and match out of several different panty cuts and bra styles, which means whether you’re a follower of thongs, or a believer in briefs, there’s an option for you. I started this little piece because I had a fascination with the chemise, which is so wonderfully detailed, especially in the white on black version. There’s something about white lace laid across black mesh type fabric that is sensual and alluring. The bodice of the chemise is much more detailed than one commonly expects to find in a garment of this nature. The cup area is sheer, but the herringbone pattern of the light mesh fabric makes it a classy kind of sheer, a dance of the seven veils sheer, rather than 1980’s Cheer sheer. You know what I mean.

The Embrace Lace Bra

The Embrace Lace Bikini

The Embrace Lace Chemise

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