Side Tie Panties

side tie panties

Do your panties stay on too well? Have you ever wished they would fall off you over and over again? These side-tie panties from Hanky Panky are designed to be structurally unreliable to aid in their removal. They’re made of soft, dark lace, trimmed with satin bows and they’re ready to go as soon as you are :D

Hanky Panky After Midnight Peek-A-Boo Side Tie Bikini Panties

Codpiece Panties

codpiece panties

These panties come with a purple lace codpiece. They just do. Why they do I don’t know. They also come with a matching bra, so that’s nice. Color-wise, they come in ‘Red’ (pink) and ‘Jade’ (sort of a sea blue/green). I enjoy the fact that they were clearly listed by someone who doesn’t know what colors are. A multitude of sins can be made up for by polka-dot mesh though, right?

Plejue Bra and Panty Set With Polka Dot Mesh and Lace Accents

FreeFisher High Cut Panties

high waisted lace panties

These full brief lace panties are gorgeous and, with a high cut like this, there’s plenty of coverage to go around. I rather like the pink band crossing the center of the panties at 2/3 height, pleasing proportions. These panties also come in red and black, and purple and peach. The purple is very regal, you should check it out!

Check out the whole color range of FreeFisher High Cut Brief Panties

Delicious Bra and Panty Set

lace bra and panty set for men These panties look good enough to eat, really they do. And not in that tacky candy g-string way, in a dessert at a restaurant where everybody speaks in a baritone hush (even the ladies) sort of way. They also come with a matching bra, and all for under twelve dollars – which may not speak to excessive quality. There’s no denying that this is quite a gorgeous set, and priced to the range of experimental gentlemen who have a taste for adventure.

Luxurious Noble Lace Push Up Bra Set

Double Beige, A Symphony of Softness

pretty beige lace

Modest. Beige. Two words you won’t often see on this site, but I’m using them now because they aptly describe these rather lovely panties. I like the simplicity of the cut, the black border of the waistband and the floral abundance creeping from the crotch. It’s all very nice, and very respectable. The sort of panties you could confidently wear to a gathering of the UN.

Charnos Eva Black and Nude Brief

longer lace panty

Also by the same designer, these ‘deep briefs’ should satiate anyone’s need for a longer panty cut, and for a lot of lace. They share the beigeness of the first pair of panties featured today, but take lace to new highs and lows in the execution.

Charnos Rosalind Brulee Lace Deep Brief

Laura Ashley Lace Panties

ashley panties

Looking for something modern, but classic? Traditional, yet timeless? These boyshorts from Laura Ashley may just fit the bill with unique patterns and lace detailing that make these panties something special. Perfect for anyone who likes a low panty cut, but also likes to enjoy a certain amount of rear coverage.

Laura Ashley Floral Boyshorts with Lace Detail

lace trim panties

Or, if you’re looking for something similar, but skimpier, and with lace playing a far greater role in the rear, then this little number, also from Laura Ashley, is sure to satisfy.

Laura Ashley Floral Boyshort with Lace Trim

Underella Tap Pant Panties

tap panties

These are some pretty panties, with plenty of lace and even more room to move. You don’t have to tap dance in them if you don’t want to, but you can if you want. That’s the beauty of these panties. They are both functional and alluring with a touch of undeniably classic class.

Click here to view fore and aft, underella by ella moss tap panties!

Elegant Lace Hipster Panties by Honeydew

lace panties for men

These are some very pretty panties, with a darling lace panel which sits proudly at the fore, almost like a skirt – except for the fact that it is not a skirt, it is the lacy denouement atop a very comfortable panty. With three different color combinations titled ‘Emerald’ ‘Orange’ and ‘Plum’, this is a perfect opportunity to pick up some panties in colors that don’t often come up. Click the link below to check out the complete range!

Honeydew Intimates Emma Elegance Lace Hipster Panties In A Range Of Styles!

Full Brief, Full Panties for Full Men

elomi plus size panties These stylish floral mesh panties are part of the lingerie designer Elomi’s Imogene collection, which includes a brassiere, a thong and a ‘waspie’ cincher, which acts as a bustier of sorts if you’d like to manually control your waist. Sizes start at medium and go all the way to 4X, so if you have trouble with some of the smaller styles, you’ll be relieved to know that these panties will have no problem containing your prominence.

Check out these Imogene Full Brief Panties…

imogen lingerie cllection

Fair Isle Sweater Panties

fair isle sweater panties

Finally, a pair of panties that goes with that sweater your grandmother knitted for you. These panties feature a classic Fair Isle pattern and are pretty much the most amazing panties I’ve ever laid eyes on. They’re perfect for anyone looking to flesh out a collection and for anyone who likes to wear panties that don’t appear to be panties – so you can get away with wearing them around, say, a spouse who doesn’t entirely support your panty wearing habit. Nobody questions the sweater panties. Nobody.

Fair Isle Boy Short Panties!

Treasure Chest Panties

treasure panties

Arrrrrr maties! Wacoal has never seen a treasure chest before, but they have seen a ripped bodice and that shows in these panties.

Wacoal Treasure Chest Bikini Panties…

Four Dollar Panties

pretty cheap panties

These panties cost less than four dollars, feature black lace and an animal print center panel, plus pink bows. What more can one ask for? Perhaps for these panties to come in all pink lace with purple animal print? We can do that too!

Check out all the Wurl Animal Print Lace Hipster Panties

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