Calvin Klein Brief Encounters Panties

brief encounters

Coming in a rainbow range of colors that will satisfy any rainbow lingerie collector, the brief encounters line of panties from Calvin Klein matches delicate lace and mesh with an occasionally contrasting trim to create a panty that is light, slightly delicate, but very feminine and quite gorgeous to behold. You can be as bold as you like in these panties with bright red and sunflower yellow as options, or, if you prefer a more restrained look, there’s always the standard black, white and beige to choose from. (If lingerie had a flag, it would probably be black, white and beige.)

Click here to view the entire Calvin Klein Brief Panty Encounters Hipster Panty Range!

yellow panties

Silk Panty Treats!


These two faint lemon silk panties are something quite special. One comes with a frilly back edge, the other with side lace and white trim. They’re pretty and they’re feminine and they’re very classically styled in a way that will please anyone who enjoys a ye olde vibe for their panties. If you’re looking for something new for Christmas, these panties may be it!

Narasilk Contra Bow Silk Brief

Narasilk Back Frill Silk Brief

back frill

Hanky Panky Shimmer Lace

shimmer love lace pantiesShimmery shiny stained glass style lace panties! These only come in one size, but they’re utterly beautiful and no doubt butter soft given that they’re from the USA’s premier lace panty provider.

Hanky Panky Low Rise Shimmer Thong Panties

Laser Cut Panties

laser panties for men

These panties were cut with freakin’ lasers! They’re also plain and simple enough that you can probably get away with them in your stealth collection. The good ship panty plausible deniability is sailing, chaps! Available in 3, 6 and 12 packs for added numerousness and budget friendliness. Never run out of precision panties again!

Panty No Line Laser Cut Three Pack

Panty No Line Laser Cut Six Pack!

Panty No Line Laser Cut 12 Pack

Flourishing Floral Panties

floral panties for men

These two florally themed panties from Freya are perfect for anyone with a green thumb or an appreciation for classic motifs presented with a black lace trim. The thong panties are perfect for anyone who likes a minimal lingerie experience and the briefs are perfect for anyone who likes a little support from their panties.

Freya Flourish Brief Panties

Freya Flourish Thong Panties

Oh my Bow-Back Panties!

holy panties

Do you like panties, but always feel as if you can’t find a pair that lovingly stuffs a thick line of bows along your nether crevice? Feel that way no longer! These are panties, but not as we used to know them. These are panties so ornate that wearing them outside the bedroom will result in more than just visible pantyline. It’ll result in you looking as though you’re smuggling presents down your pants.

Click for more images of these Rose Lace Floral Bow Back Panties!

Secret Flap Panties

sexy secret thong panties

Panties with a secret flap!These panties don’t look like low slung thong panties, but they actually are. It’s the secret flat, which is actually not a secret, because you can totally see it. What’s really secret is the silky micro bikini thong underneath the lace trimmed flap.

White Satin & Black Lace With Secret Flap Thong Panties

Aimer Unique Embroidered Lace Panties

lace panties unique for men

If you’re looking for a special pair of panties, you may have just found them. These lace embroidered panties from Aimer feature a neat side bow design with a slotted lace panel. They’re in very short supply, which may or may not add to their desirability.

Check out these Embroidered Floral Transparent Panties

Vanity Fair Illumination Lace Panties

vanity fair panties for men

A classic brand brings a classic style to a classic panty cut and all that classicism results in these super comfortable, rather lovely lace banded panties. Silky soft strata fabric is designed to make these panties ever so comfortable to wear – and in the rare mid-black color. (You might have thought mid-black would be gray, but apparently it is a black-ish blue. At any rate, these are perfect for that panty rainbow you’ve been working on.

Vanity Fair Lace Bikini Panties

Renaissance Panties, Bows and Lace and Mesh, Oh My!

fancy panties for men

These panties need very little description, largely because anyone looking at them is unlikely to deign to lower their eyes to base script. These are some glorious panties, with thick satin bows, art deco tassels, mesh fabric, crocheted desire. These aren’t panties. These are an elaborate work of art.

ECOSCO Lace Mesh Rose Floral Panties

Side Tie Panties

side tie panties

Do your panties stay on too well? Have you ever wished they would fall off you over and over again? These side-tie panties from Hanky Panky are designed to be structurally unreliable to aid in their removal. They’re made of soft, dark lace, trimmed with satin bows and they’re ready to go as soon as you are :D

Hanky Panky After Midnight Peek-A-Boo Side Tie Bikini Panties

Codpiece Panties

codpiece panties

These panties come with a purple lace codpiece. They just do. Why they do I don’t know. They also come with a matching bra, so that’s nice. Color-wise, they come in ‘Red’ (pink) and ‘Jade’ (sort of a sea blue/green). I enjoy the fact that they were clearly listed by someone who doesn’t know what colors are. A multitude of sins can be made up for by polka-dot mesh though, right?

Plejue Bra and Panty Set With Polka Dot Mesh and Lace Accents

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