Natori Luxure Garter Brief Panties

My favorite lingerie is almost always made by Natori. I love their style aesthetic. I love how it is always original and yet somehow classical, I love how they can be original without being brash, bold without being cocky. This is lingerie you could comfortably wear to a White House reception. These panties in particular […]

Freya Panties For The End of the World

Are you ready for the rapture? Do you have your panties planned? If not, Freya has you covered. These mesh and lace geometric undergarments are apparently just what you’ll need when fire rains from the sky and the dead rise from their graves and other general unpleasantness ensues. You won’t be able to beat back […]

The Future of Hi-Cut Panties Is Here!

Contemporary style isn’t necessarily what one thinks of when one things Wacoal, but would you look at the sleek, almost futuristic lines of these panties! Although these are hi-cuts which veer dangerously close to the granny panty – these certainly aren’t your grandmother’s undergarments. The mesh panels are perfectly placed to create an almost g-string […]

Charming Beautiful Buttock Panties For Men

I was first drawn to these panties because of their clean lines, mesh back and tasteful embroidered side panels. I stayed with these panties because they also come with some of the best Engrish descriptions ever, and because of that I’m not even going to edit them, I’m just going to share them as they […]

Fun Panties For Fun People

These cute, colorful panties come as a pair, so you don’t have to pick between them. You could even wear them both at once if that was something that took your fancy. Neon lime with pink trim and pink zebra with black lace trim are your options here, and the most difficult thing you’ll encounter […]

High Rise Thong Panties, Towering Lingerie

Ever wished you could wear a thong, but still have enough coverage to smuggle a small circus? The fine folks at Commando lingerie have heard your silent cries and engineered the panties you see here. From the front they are demure lace creations, covering everything from belly button to unmentionable. From the back… well….you see […]

Paradise Silk Panties For Men

Today I present you with not one, but three silken panty options for your perusal! The panties pictured above are a gorgeous string bikini fashioned in the softest silk guaranteed to make you feel sensual all day long. Visit Paradise and check out these pure silk string bikini panties here… If you’re a larger fellow […]

Captive In Bikini Panties

These panties come with a captivating style, and a captivating moniker, which is literally ‘Captivate’. So you’re forewarned, forewarned and probably, if you’re here, forepantied too. What drew me to this particular item of lingerie was its classical styling matched with black mesh and lace tastefully offset by white ribbon accents. These panties provide good […]

Sexy Stripper Panties For Men

Calling these panties stripper panties might seem like a diss, but I assure you it’s not. These panties are brash, bold and openly sexual in their appearance. They are one size fits all (or, in reality, one size fits some) but if you’re vaguely within a size range that you think you might qualify as […]

Hipsters and Thongs, Blooming Panties

Today’s panty post is bought to you by pink and purple, a gorgeous duo which don’t appear often enough in the panty palette. These panties are by Passionata, who understand that bold colors aren’t just enough, you also need original lace designs, a super fine cut and cheeky dimpled dots to have a panty party. […]

Supermodel Panties for Super Men

Heidi Klum has a little treat in store for you, these lace keyhole panties featuring a stretch satin waistband and gusset, gossamer soft lace and designer details which will elevate your lingerie game to the next level. These panties have a certain elegance mixed with an undeniable sensuality with their see through lace panels which […]