Calvin Klein Naked Glamour Bikini Panties

It’s been a week or so since the last update and I wanted to find some fun panties to talk about. These ‘naked glamor’ panties are just the ticket for several reasons. Let me itemize them for you, we can pretend as if we’re in a meeting if you like. 1. Bikini. The bikini cut […]

Animal Attraction Panties from Jezebel

I don’t often feature animal print items, but they are on trend right now and there’s something slightly naughty and a little bit, well, trashy about them. It’s both a drawback and a feature in my opinion, depending on your mood and the setting. At any rate, these panties are very cute, have an adorable […]

Tanga Panties Decorate Your Derriere

The tanga panty cut hasn’t received any love for some time, but that’s changing with this post. Tanga panties bridge the gap between bikini and thong, with a back that provides some coverage (and prevents the sort of riding up that can get uncomfortable when addressing an audience or fighting bears.) In addition to being […]

Bali Skamp Full Coverage Panties for Men

Skimpy little bikini cut panties and thongs are all very well and good, but sometimes a man who wears lingerie wants to feel a little more covered than that. Sometimes smooth fabric from lower back to belly button is the panacea for that which ails one. Bali Lacy Skamp Hikini Panties These panties combine coverage […]

Lovely Lace Panties For Men

Lace panties are some of the most popular panty styles amongst all lingerie demographics, and for good reason. Lace looks amazing, is entirely feminine and also has a naughty little side effect of making your undergarments somewhat see through whilst still seeming to be refined and classy. Hanky Panky make one of the top lines […]

Every Man Deserves Pink Cellulose Panties

This is a platform that might not get a politician elected, but it is an indubitable fact that just like every woman is worth it, every man deserves pink cellulose panties. If you can untangle that logic, you get a special prize: disillusionment and probably an existential crisis. On a more upbeat note, pink panties […]

Your Favorite Panties For Men | Results Round One

Over a year ago I wrote an article asking men what their favorite panties were. I also asked a bunch of more specific questions  including what cut men liked, what color they liked, what brands they liked, and what they most liked wearing with their panties. I received hundreds of comments and overwhelming amounts of […]

Cuter Than Kittens Panties For Men

Kittens are hard to beat in the cute stakes, what with their tiny mewling cries, their impossibly soft fur, their tiny little kitten heads with their milky glazed kitten eyes and their unsteady gaits. It is therefore a noble goal for lingerie to aspire to kitten cuteness. Read about the cute panties here… Panties included […]

Man Wears Boyshort Panties, Looks Pretty

After years of denying himself the treasures in the women’s side of the lingerie department. Steve Stevowitz, 34, finally cracked when he spotted the sign ‘boyshorts’ posted above some low cut pretty panties that had been calling his name all morning. “See! I told you!” he cried, plunging into the women’s lingerie department, throwing off […]