No Slip Bikini Panties For Men

no slip panties for men

Are your bikini panties forever riding up? Slipping into places they have no place being at three pm on a Tuesday afternoon? If so, Bali have the lace lined, rubber reinforced panty solution for you. That might not sound appealing, but when the smooth sensation of nylon is kept snug against your skin by means of subtle and almost unnoticeable anti slip innovations.

These panties come in a very wide range of prints and styles, from the flamboyant leopard skin pattern shown above, to a plain white that rather put me in mind of panties by Shadowline, Olga and Vanity fair. Whether you’re a panty classicist or someone who prefers hot pink lingerie, there’s a pair to suit your taste – and probably your decor, come to think of it. A nice pair of panties really can tie a room together.

Bali One Smooth U No Line No Slip Bikini Panties