Naughty, Naughty Men Who Wear Lingerie

Well I am glad one of you spoke up for the lot of you ;) I received a very sweet email regarding my post (aka: thinly veiled lecture) on men wearing women’s lingerie and keeping silent about it. The writer felt that my scenario of waking up to a world where it was accepted that men wore women’s things would ruin the experience of wearing lingerie and women’s clothing entirely. He was quite right, and I had to remind myself that for many men:

It’s the taboo, stupid!

So please, continue to enjoy your surreptitious sneaking around in lingerie and the fun it brings. Who am I to advocate the end of a practice that brings joy and thrills to so many men. :)


I now see two things, one, that some people have used the comments, which is super, and two, that the comments system I put on is entirely broken and posts all comments ever made on every post. Madness. Utter madness I say!