The Natori Shadow Thong

It has been a long and I do mean long time since I blogged on the site, but after a lengthy break, I think I’m ready to return to the serious business of lingerie for men, and lingerie for women that men also wear. I’m starting back reviewing a series of panties I think would work well for men.

The Natori Shadow Thong has slipped its way into my good graces by merit of the sense of subtlety and secretiveness about it. Not all men who wear lingerie can do so publicly, and the shadow thong seems to understand that. This mesh fronted panty doesn’t draw any undue attention to itself.  The thong cut ensures that there won’t be any visible panty line to give you away, but the contrast lace insert in the crotch embraces all things frilly and feminine.

It comes in two colors, black and nude and it’s on sale now for $17.99! Final closeout!

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14 thoughts on “The Natori Shadow Thong

  1. Sarah Nova

    Dear Hope,
    It’s wonderful to have you back. Believe me you have been missed.
    My name is Sarah. I am a man in my 50’s and I have been wearing women’s clothes since I was a teenager. Back then it had to be kept a well guarded secret, the world did not understand such behaviour, it was assumed a man wearing feminine clothes was homosexual which was barely legal. Thankfully we are all a bit more liberated today although it is still very difficult for a man to go out in a pretty skirt or dress.
    In my case I am not gay, I adore all things feminine and that includes females. I even wish I was one in which case I would be a lesbian and love every minute.
    It seems to me that the only way to get people used to the idea that men have a feminine side is to let people see it. The more they see the more normal it becomes. Not many people take a second glance these days if they see two men or two women walking hand in hand.
    Would’nt it be wonderful if no one took a second glance at a man in a feminine skirt showing a hint of lacy petticoat.
    Therefore I believe the only to make it possible is to make people see it and become used to it.
    I for one want people to see me in female clothes and I want to know if you would be kind enough to show pictures of me on your “He wears panties” site? If thousands of people did the same who knows what fun we can all have when we go shopping for lingerie.
    Sarah. x

  2. starfiend

    Try these. I love them :

    And these are what I’m wearing right now :

    These are nice as well :

    Interestingly, look at the reviews. There’s an amazing number of reviews from men.

  3. Hope Post author

    It is great to be back. I couldn’t believe how long it had actually been when I checked the date of my last post. I feel a little like a lingerie Rip van Winkle ;)

  4. Hope Post author

    Awesome to see you still here, celtic chic :) Thanks for the returning welcome. There’s probably a word for that, but I can’t think of it right now.

  5. Hope Post author

    Hey Sarah,

    I agree very much that the only way for people to get used to things is to see them. I have no objections to pictures, with the proviso that they aren’t what one might call titillating. There’s a lot of people who view men wearing women’s clothing as nothing less than kinky porn, and I suppose it’s fine if that’s how they see it, but I think it takes the tone of discourse down a couple notches and makes it difficult for people to take the issue seriously as one of gender equality.

    Thanks for being so willing to share! You can get me via email at hope@ (the web address of the site.) Hope that’s not too obtuse :)

  6. Hiddenpanties

    Welcome back Hope! I really missed reading your blog. I had written to you before (Soldier wearing panties that helped calm myself). I wish that society was more accepting of men wearing panties and skirts. It seems that if we are not wearing anything short of chain armor, we are not manly enough. Thank you for doing your part in getting the word out that men can wear panties and anything else.

  7. Hope Post author

    Hey hidden panties :) Slowly but surely, I think the message is starting to percolate. It’s great to see you here!

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