Natori ‘Feathers’ Beige Lace Panties

Today’s lingerie selection was something I poured over for quite some time. I wanted something special, and when you’ve looked at as many pair of panties as I have (which, to be fair, many of you probably have,) you know that a sort of lingerie fatigue can set in after a while. But Natori is a brand that can always be guaranteed to bring two things to the table, originality and luxurious feel. These panties are no exception to that rule. They’re high cut, though the bulk of that high rise is lace. Only the gusset is made of an opaque nylon spandex blend, the front and rear are one solid band of feather styled lace and mesh that leaves little to the imagination.

You’ll notice that these panties are beige, which is an underrepresented shade on this site for reasons I’ve gone into many times, but I’ll give panties as beautiful as this a pass. They can be as beige, or as ‘cafe’ as they want to be. Those who share my aversion to beige can also find these panties in black and a creamy off white. The black is much more dramatic looking than the beige, the high contrast of the darker lace and mesh emphasizes the sheerness of the panties.

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