Natori Body Double Panties

sea mist panties for men

A very happy panty new year to you all! Let’s start the year on the right foot looking at some fine lingerie. These panties are a brilliant sea green / teal color that you don’t often see. They are, simply put, quite exquisite. The yellow counter color lace lifts these to a new level of delightful in much the same way a little lemon zest can elevate a dish to award winning status.

If you’re not a fan of the teal and gold color, there are many more combinations to choose from – including deep brown ‘mahogany’ which is also a fairly rare color for obvious reasons. There’s also a bright royal blue, a traditional pink and several shades of non-descript sort of white / beige for people who prefer a more understated sort of panty.

Natori Body Double Lace Trim Girl Brief