Natori Bliss Brief Panties

Bliss is a pair of soft panties that fit perfectly. Unlike the transcendent Bhuddist version of spiritual bliss, which takes years and an awful lot of staring at the back of one’s eyelids to attain, bliss as a state of lingerie can easily be attained. Plus one point to materialism! These panties contain a 6% nylon, 94% cotton blend that makes them just the right combination of soft, stretchy and sheer. The design is simple, but like most Natori lingerie it is the little details that set these panties apart. The waistband isn’t just pretty, it’s different from pretty much every other lace waistband out there – and in the world of panties, that is saying quite a bit. These panties come in a range of colors from the ‘sorbet’ pictured to black, beige, white, red and quite a lovely pale purple too.

Natori Bliss Girl Brief Panties