My Favorite Pants, Panties From Vanity Fair

my favorite pants

The ladies love these panties, and odds are a man who loves lingerie will find them suitable for his requirements as well. Just look at some of the reviews on these panties!

Like wearing air… but better!”

These panties are eminently suited to wearers of the larger sizes, and scale down to fit those in the smaller sizes as well, though not at the same time. They are very comfortable, but they are not magical. Call that a fault if you want, I call it consensus reality.

Some of the patterns and textures remind me a bit of the sort of wallpaper you find in houses that haven’t been┬áremodeled┬ásince the 1960’s, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – they come in a range of colors, so whether you’re a Blue Steel or a Ballet Pink sort of fellow, you’ll find a panty shade that matches your outfit and mood.

Vanity Fair My Favorite Pants Panties