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This comment included the word ‘breasts’, which could potentially corrupt the minds of the many youths who seek out my writing and disperse it across the world in between episodes of Spongebob and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This comment originally appeared on Men Who Wear Women’s Clothes vs Women Who Wear Women’s Clothes

Mark says:

Put me in the first group… no wait, the second… er… both!

It’s always Us vs. Them, isn’t it?

Your second group is the one that flabbergasts me. They say skirts are not to be worn by men who look like men. But it’s okay to wear them if you don’t look like a man. Even if you are a man dressing like a woman who quite obviously is a man dressing like a woman. But God forbid you forget your wig and prosthetic breasts, because then it’s wrong to wear a skirt.

A bastard child of irony and hypocrisy; that’s what you get.