Mesh Panties for Men

What’s not to love about mesh? All the ‘see through-ness’ of lace without the interruption of floral patterns. Mesh is a very revealing sort of fabric, so one must pick the appropriate time to wear it. I’ve got a few pairs of mesh panties picked out today, so let’s look at them and see what we like.

On Gossamer Mesh Bikini Panties

The ‘On Gossamer’ panties aren’t just mesh, they are also very pretty with scalloped trim and contrasting edges which add a little decoration to what could otherwise be a very serious and sombre panty affair. They also come in a riotous range of colors, from purple and pink to black and blue and many more. This range is definitely worth checking out! There’s also a matching mesh bra for those who like bra and panty sets – and yes, the mesh bra is also see through for added fun.

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American Apparel Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh Low Slung Panty

The American Apparel micromesh panties have the decided benefit of being somewhat gender neutral, so if you’re trying to wear women’s panties without anyone getting their panties in a bunch about it, these have the ‘plausible deniability’ factor that so often comes in handy. These come in just the four colors, black, white, beige and pink so there’s not quite so much color to play with, but the micromesh style might very well appeal to men looking for a slightly less revealing and entirely low cut mesh panty.

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