Men’s Panties or Women’s Panties?

This is a question and point of contention for men who like to wear lingerie, their partners and other people who have a passing interest in the topic. I myself often argue that panties are panties are panties, regardless of who is wearing them. However in reality, there is a difference between ‘men’s panties’ and ‘women’s panties’, if only because ‘women’s panties’ tend to be fairly high quality garments made by multinational corporations and modeled by lanky Brazilian lasses with more money than sense, whereas ‘men’s panties’ tend to be produced by smaller companies that cater to a very different aesthetic.

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One thought on “Men’s Panties or Women’s Panties?

  1. Celine

    Hope, on your hub mens panties or womens panties on june 8th. I feel the same who cares who wears them they are
    still panties!! could you make that pretty pink pair of
    panties a panty pick and could you let all of us know
    where we could get that pair of panties??? THANK-YOU

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