Men With Breasts, Man Boobs, Can Men Have Breasts?

This isn’t an article, it is a question which arises from an email sent to me by a reader who wanted to learn tips for making his breasts appear bigger. This reader doesn’t appear to identify as feminine, in fact he states he is not transgendered, but would none the less like to fill out a bra.

The fun thing about the whole subject of men who wear lingerie is the way it dabbles deeply in the grey areas of gender identity. Most of us would probably assume (and when I say most would probably assume, I mean I assumed) that men who wanted breasts were identifying as women in some way.  But it appears I am wrong, and instead some men just want breasts to fill out their bras but also wish to remain entirely masculine and identify as such.

What say you, faithful readers? Have you experienced similar desires as a heterosexual man to have breasts?

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  1. ILoveLingerie

    Hi Hope,
    please forward this to you mailer:

    You know what’s funny, I have the exact same feelings:
    I’d like to have breasts but I want to remain a male in every other situation.
    I love to wear lingerie and all but I don’t want to become a female. I just want to have something to fill my bra and I also think boobies would look good on me;)
    I heard of some natural soultions to the problem and I have obtained a pretty detailed book “Flat2Fem”

    What is written in there is pretty indepth but it costs you $37 to buy it. I obtained it for free though. I can’t tell you where for legal reasons but I can give you some hints (Hope feel free to remove these instructions if neccessary):
    Go on google, search for “flat2fem.pdf”. You will get a search result, it’s the second one for me, which is hosted on a site called If you go on this site, it will refer you to a file hoster called There you can download the book for free.
    Needless to say I you like the book, go buy it, the author had much work with it and that should be rewarded.

    I need to say that you can also find the information in this book scattered around on the internet but it is nice to have it all in one book.

    The things detailed in this book sound legit and it can’t hurt to try it out, because it only uses herbs and massage techniques to enhance your breasts. There’s no harm that can be done with that (as far as I know), except if you react allergic to some herbs.

    In the end I guess it will work if you follow the guidelines provided in the book (I can’t tell because I only got and read the book yesterday and because I don’t know if I really should try it out).
    The reason why I’m a little afraid to try it out is because I don’t know if I really really want some breasts that I will have for the rest of my life (if you have them you can only get rid of them by surgery).
    Having breasts as a male makes you a freak for almost all the rest of the society (I think) and it will probably have consequences for you in the environment of work and family/friends.

    You should think about it carefully before you do anything.
    I for my part am not sure if I really want it or if it’s just a quick idea of mine that will change as quick.
    I’m only 21 and I have approx. 50-60 years of my life ahead of me and such a decision should not be made over night.
    Whatever you do I hope I could help you out with this article.

  2. Hope Post author


    As an author myself, I’d suggest you buy the book rather than pirate it, just because someone spent a fair amount of time and effort putting the thing together and they deserve compensation. I can’t edit the contents of comments, so I will leave the yarrr pirate notes there, but I shall do so with the look of disapproval. טּ_טּ

    Thanks for coming to the rescue with tips and hints though, Mr I Love Lingerie. :D

  3. allen

    i have had and still do have desires to have breast i am a man who been wearing lingerie a long time anyways for almost 2 years i was on a breast inhancment pill everyday faithful i have breast now not big but u can tell i am not fat so u can tell my only problem is i get lazy and forget to shave my chest it is hairy so i must shave it atleast once every 2 or 3 weeks but when i do god my tittieslook good in and out of my bras thanks

  4. Hope Post author

    Allen, that kind of disregard for grammar, spelling and punctuation will get you beaten around here. Standards must be maintained.

  5. mgl1951

    I’m a panty wearing man and have been for several years now. my wife knows and loves seeing me in panties and thigh highs. she now wants me to wear more sexy lacy lingerie. I’m taking some medication and one of the side effects is breast enlargement in males. my breasts are getting bigger every month. my nipples are getting very sensitive to the touch and they are getting larger. my wife wants to buy me some sexy tops to go along with my panties. she wants to get matching sets for us. she loves to get her camera out and take pics while we are both dressed all soft and lacy. she just bought a new laptop with a built in web cam. we can play and than watch our videos when ever we want. I think shes wants to find another couple and play live on can so we can watch eachother. yahoo stopped their user created rooms, so I don’t know where to look for such sites. anyway I’ll send you some pics of me in the bras or whatever she gets for me to wear over my growing breasts.

  6. Fred

    I, didn’t get the pirated version of the flat2fem breast enlargment; I purchased it for the full retail….Have been using the herbs and massage for about a month now and surprisingly, it works. My breasts are not huge, not are they abnormally noticable, but they are now very pronounced and are beginning to take some feminine shape…since I am also losing a bunch of weight, I explained the breasts to a few co-workers as bi-product of too much fat in my body….the ladies told me they would go down as I lost weight. So now that the cat is out of the bag, when they don’t go down and continue to enlarge,,,everyong I work with already knows about them anyway. — as to my desire to become a woman?? — not in a million years. I enjoy wearing lingerie under my male clothing and occassionally dressing up completely,,,but wack off my gender…’NOT’.

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