Men In Lingerie Relationships

woman with man panties

Being a man who wears lingerie and being involved in a relationship can sometimes be difficult. This series of articles discusses ways and means of making your romantic relationships work whilst enjoying your lingerie or cross dressing fetish.

How To Find Women Who Like Men In Lingerie

‘Hope, how can I find a woman who likes men who wear lingerie?’ I get this question rather a lot, and whilst I can’t point any of you to the ‘women who like men who wear lingerie store, I can give you a few pointers to help you along the road to finding such a lady.

Men In Lingerie: Are You In The Panty Closet?

This article relates to an issue that I know affects a great deal of men who like to wear women’s lingerie. You meet someone, she’s beautiful, and she’s sweet, and she is smart, she’s everything you want in a woman. There’s just one problem – she either doesn’t know about your proclivities towards wearing women’s lingerie, or she can’t stand you wearing it. In either case, you’ve run up against a very sticky problem. What do you do?

How To Wear Panties Without Her Knowing | Crossover Panties For Men

Sometimes a man doesn’t want to leap into wearing women’s lingerie. Sometimes the price to pay from one’s loved ones might be too high to risk simply slipping into a pair of silky pink panties and saying ‘Darling, I love panties!’. Sometimes this sort of behavior can result in squealing, cursing and in extreme cases, divorce.

Why Women Leave Men Who Wear Women’s Clothing (Part One)

This is a tough issue, but I think that it is one that needs to be addressed. It has become obvious that many men who wear women’s clothing, both those who wear panties, and those who take their female fashions much further have difficulty sustaining romantic relationships with women. Some men even report losing several partners because of the lingerie, or because of the skirts and high heels.

Why Women Leave Men Who Wear Women’s Clothing (Part Two)

This article continues on from Part One, which I advise you read first, unless you take a Tarantino approach to reading, in which case go ahead and read this first.

How To Tell Your Wife You Wear Panties

I’ve written several articles about breaking the news that you’re a man who likes to wear lingerie. This is a more specific targeted guide designed especially for guys who are married and would like to share their secret lingerie wearing with their wives.

My Wife Found My Lingerie, Now She’s Mad – What Next?

This question has recently come up, and I am sure that many men find themselves in this horrible situation. The women they love have discovered their lingerie stash and the results have not been good. There have been fights, angry questions, ultimatums and nights on the couch. What do you do now? Well, there are ways through this forest of dark lingerie secrets.