Men In Lingerie, How Far Do You Go?

So here’s an interesting question. How far do you men in lingerie go? Is it a matter of slipping on a pair of panties and that’s all? Or have the panties lead to stockings, bras and other types of lingerie? Has your lingerie been a gateway into a who world of women’s attire? Having sampled the joys of a chemise, do you long to slip into a slinky dress?

Go forth and answer this most pressing question!

One thought on “Men In Lingerie, How Far Do You Go?

  1. Mikki

    Interesting posit – I choose to answer here as it is a more open, adult forum.

    It does seem to start either with panties or night wear first… almost universally I read the same comments from your readers that it was a scrap of nylon or satin that hooked them for life.

    I too started with panties and nightgowns, graduated to swimsuits, then came skirts, blouses, wigs and makeup… all this capped at about age 18-20. I think it was a real tipping point in my life… do I continue as a CD in a bisexual world or return to my male roots and continue down the hetero route with wife and family? I chose the latter and have been very happy and satisfied with my decision. I have a wonderful life, am blessed with good work, fantastic family and a healthy (relatively for 55) body and lifestyle.
    Had I gone the other way I believe I would be dead and buried – this was the height of the AIDS acceleration (because it was ignored and we were uneducated) and when in full femme I was pretty promiscuous with my known and unknown CD/TS/TV/Straight acquaintances. But I did not leave it all behind… I have steadfastly clung to my lingerie bag for all these years, quietly and satisfactorily living my female role when possible and enjoyed with a very select and widely separated group of persons with the same persuasion. I know I am not unique in any way – there are hundreds of thousands of men just like me – some more open, some less and some have made the transition to open living and a smaller group to gender reassignment. But we are here and there, and most of us quiet about it… and it all starts with a specific gene combination and a pretty pair of panties at just the right moment.

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