Men In Lingerie: Get Rid Of Unwanted Body Hair!

Are you a man who wears lingerie but would rather not have wads of thick man hair spoiling the look? Sick and tired of seeing bristly hairs breaching the sheer fabric of your stockings? Have you decided that panties just aren’t the same when surrounded by hairy foliage?   Does your chest pelt get in the way of enjoying your bra wearing?

Get rid of that unwanted hair! Read more…

One thought on “Men In Lingerie: Get Rid Of Unwanted Body Hair!

  1. Mikki

    Good advice. But here is a very good tip: use one razor for your face, use another for your body parts. Your face is actually pretty tough and can be cleanly shaved with a pretty dull razor. If you use that same blade on your upper legs or non-genital groin area you are just begging for razor bumps. I recommend shave oil (not soap or gel for facial shaving) for your groin and genitals – it helps keep the skin very soft after shaving. In between shaves use an astringent to clean your groin area followed by a good quality moisturizer – it cleans off of the skin caps that form over the hair and keeps them soft so the hair pokes thru instead of ingrowing.

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