Meet Our Panty Moderators

The He Wears Panties forum is a supportive, friendly space for men who like to wear lingerie and women’s clothing.  I opened it originally because although sitting here in my blogging chair and making panty decrees to everybody is nice, there are lots of men out there with experience in the realm of cross-dressing on all levels and I thought it would be nice if there was a space for panty wearing men to socialize and compare lace with one another.

I shut down the He Wears Panties forum a few months ago because I got overwhelmed with the flow of men and their panties.  (Which was a most excellent thing, but too much work for a single mere mortal.) Now that it is back open again, I’ve been fortunate enough to recieve help from two members who will be serving as moderators. My sincere thanks to these two pillars of the panty community :D

Gr8Legs Those of you who frequented my hubs on Hub Pages will be familiar with Gr8legs already. His contributions there were numerous and notable for their sensitivity and depth.  If you’re looking for advice or tales from the great world of lingerie, gr8legs is likely to oblige.

Jeanette A longstanding member of the cross-dressing community, Jeanette runs, a site that offers free and discrete web-hosting and email services for transvestites  and crosdressers who want to create an online space for themselves, but don’t want to be linked to their ‘real world’ personas.

Moderators on He Wears Panties are there to help and to provide gentle guidance.  If you have questions about what is and what is not appropriate,  they will be able to help you on that score.  If you’re not a member of the forum, you’ll only see the general section, however creating an account unlocks picture threads and an x-rated section for those topics that don’t quite blend seamlessly into polite conversation over tea and biscuits.

3 thoughts on “Meet Our Panty Moderators

  1. Devyana

    Hope, I want to spread your articles about men who like wearing lingerie in my country. Will you give me permission to do it?
    If yes, I want to translate your articles into my language and I will rewrite them in my web.

  2. Hope Post author

    As long as you link back to He Wears Panties as an original source for each article, I have no problem with this :)

  3. Devyana

    Well, thank you. Actually my husband will do it, he likes your article very much. He always reads your articles, but he also wants men in our country to do what he has done. My husband also likes wearing girl’s items, such as bra, lingerie, panties, and the like. At home, he dresses like women do. But I don’t mind, because he doesn’t work. So, perhaps it will be one of his activities at home beside cooking, taking care of children, cleaning house and washing clothes. Sorry before, my husband’s activities are just like a housewife. And I am the only one who works to earn a living.
    After he always reads your article, he looks more beautiful day by day and he also wants to apply woman’s cosmetics at home or when we go out. Before he reads your articles, he never wants to wear woman’s items. Hope, thank you very much, because you have changed his world and also my world. Hope, nice to meet you.

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