Mara Sophia, From High Heels To Full Dress

They couldn’t handle such a tale over at Hub Pages, but I bet you stoic chaps here could… Originally posted on Men’s High Heels, this is the tale of a teen male who tried on a pair of high heels many years ago and is now his wife’s ‘girlfriend’…

Mara Sophia says:

Out of curiosity I tried on a pair of high heeled shoes when I was a teen. I liked it and since then made progress into crossdressing. I needed silk stockings to ease my feet into the shoes; then pantys to complet the lower outfit. It was just a step to add a bra and get some padding for it. Now, once you are in bra, pantys, stockings and heels why not going on and try a blouse and skirt. Though not easily I found an understanding girl, that now is my wife, and she enjoys me as her “girlfriend” and work together, she being the boss, me the secretary at her business. I wear 5″ stiletto heels all the time when at office and that´s the dress code my wife ruled for me. I must say I LOVE IT.

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