Manly Nightgowns For Men

pretty nightgown

They don't look anything like this...

Ever wanted a nightgown that felt lovely and smooth, but didn’t make you look like you had gotten into your wife’s wardrobe? Well at AllNylon, you can find just that! There you will find nightgowns made out of the finest, smoothest, most colorful nylon, but cut in such a fashion that you may as well be wearing a nylon sack, which makes them manly, and therefore acceptable.

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One thought on “Manly Nightgowns For Men

  1. Lisa Miller

    I just want to say I think men all over the world need to live their feminine female side of life and be proud of it, nobody questions women when they want to wear men’s clothes, it’s just accepted and nobody questions it, it’s a fact that men who express their female feminine side of life STRAIGHTEN AND FLY RIGHT, and the men in this world need to clean up tyheir act, and this lifestyle gets the job done. I am proud of every man who has become a t-girl or CD or drag queen or trans sexual. It takes a real back bone and a trmendous amount of guts. T-girlos, CDs drag queens and trans sexuals keep up the good work and show as many people as you can what a real lady looks and acks like. It’s taken a lot of hard work and please be very proud of yourself, Hard work always pays off.

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