Man Wearing White Lace Lingerie

Thanks to one of my very kind readers for sharing these great pictures of himself in lovely white lacy lingerie!

This is a great set of pictures as it demonstrates not only that men can look great in lingerie, but that, depending on the pose, a man can look quite masculine or quite feminine when wearing his panties, stockings and camisoles.





3 thoughts on “Man Wearing White Lace Lingerie

  1. richy

    I am a very hetero male but for the first time I find myself very aroused while looking at another male. Of course this was due to my fantasizing about wearing the clothes depicted here.

  2. john/julie

    I like seeing men & woman in lace linderie it gives me Ideas that what I would like for my self… Wearing somthing beautiful like that is a real self confidence booster and makes me feel very good !!!

  3. eddie

    I have worn panties,bras and other womens underwear for years. I like the way it looks and feels. I have worn them under my clothes to work and even when I go out on weekends. It “fantabulous”. I like the lace as is worn here

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