Maidenform Micro And Mesh Stealth Panties For Men

black stealth panties for men

It’s been a while since I featured some stealth panties. Stealth panties are panties which can be worn by a man who then has plausible deniability that he is wearing women’s lingerie at all. They’re perfect for those times when you want your cotoure to be comfortable, but you may be in a situation where blatant frills and lace could have some adverse effect. The really fun thing about these Maidenform panties with their little mesh cutouts on the side, is that the black version pictured above could very well simply be men’s underwear. It’s only when they flash hot pink that one gets a hint of a notion that these might be panties designed for ladies…

Check out the full range of these slick stealth panties!

hot pink panties for men