Maidenform French Collection Tanga Panties

Tanga panties are panties that seem to be bikini panties from the front, but when one turns around they transform into something more like a thong, with minimal rear coverage that leaves a saucy amount of cheek showing.

These Maidenform tanga panties come in several colors and patterns, each mnore lovely than the last. There are deep reds that bloom with sensual style and lighter, pinks that blush across the wearer’s behind. Those who prefer a more austere and serious look will be glad to discover that these panties also come in ‘steel grey’, a very rare color in panties indeed. When it comes to variations on a theme, Maidenform are at the top of their panty game.

If you’re looking for panties that are light, lacy and able to reflect your changing moods throughout the week, I suggest browsing the Maidenform French Collection.

The Maidenform French Collection Tanga Panties Range