Luke Loves Cotton Panties

cute pantiesI love this comment, left by Luke, who enjoys all types of panties, including cotton ones. This comment was originally left on Cotton Victoria’s Secret Panties For Men

LukeSumthinshiny  says:
2 days ago

I love VS the most. Their second skin satin – wow – it feels so great, especially when your pants slide across them during the day!!! My ultimate favorite though is the BBV – Bare Ultimate line. Those are the bomb diggity! No panty lines, no girly elastic, just plain ultra smooth nylon and spandex – and they have these great velvet bands that keep them from riding up. If you like one pair, try wearing two – it’s that much better.

For shininess, I went to ebay and bought some bright sissy shiny panties – and they are all that! So shiny you can see them in the dark – they are Grace Secret brand, and they feel nice, but not as nice as Victoria’s! Also the old line of Jeanious Bikini and hipster are the bomb – they are slippery too – wow – women are so lucky – but I have gotten completely comfortable shopping for my own – I even ask the associates at Kohls and Victoria’s Secret for help.

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  1. Kevy

    Victorias Secret has lovely cotton panties ,I agree . Try the Jockey brand panties , Tactel style they are smooth as butter . I love them both !!

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