Lovely Lace Panties For Men

Lace panties are some of the most popular panty styles amongst all lingerie demographics, and for good reason. Lace looks amazing, is entirely feminine and also has a naughty little side effect of making your undergarments somewhat see through whilst still seeming to be refined and classy.

Hanky Panky make one of the top lines of women’s lace panties, their secret is in the materials they use in the lace which result in a butter smooth sensation against the sensitive skin of one’s nether regions. Cheap lace panties can be scratchy and ill-fitting, but Hanky Panky has managed to make quality their watchword and in doing so, captured much of the lace panty market.

But Hanky Panky lace panties are not your only option. Here are a few more from other manufacturers of lovely lacy lingerie…



These low rise boxers from 007 Lingerie are technically just lace trimmed panties, but I’m really not sure that matters given that a significant portion of the panties are ‘trim’ anyway. What’s really stunning about these lacy panties is the plethora of designs associated with them. I very much enjoy the wonderful sort of lace doily approach taken on the featured panties. (And no I’m not being sarcastic, I like it when a panty is allowed to be innovative and different.)

007 Lace Panties



And of course, absolutely no article on lace panties would be complete without a reference to Vanity Fair lace panties, which, unlike all the other panties featured here are high cut and entirely lace from top to bottom. I know from experience that these are very popular panties with men who like to wear lace and moreover, like superior lace coverage.

Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination Helenca Lace Hi Cut Panties