Love and Men In Lingerie

loveandmeninlingerieFor many women, lingerie is something they put on when they want to impress a man (sure, there are some women who just love lingerie for its own sake, and far be it for me to cast aspersions on lingerie loving women), but for men who wear lingerie, its often a pure love…

    Love, men in lingerie, and relationships…

    One thought on “Love and Men In Lingerie

    1. allen

      this article is so right i might have problems going into stores to buy my lingerie alone but i still do anyways if i was with a women who truly liked lingerie like i do i would stand by her side picking and choosing the lingerie we both liked i could be there all day with her if i had to so yes ladies men are very good at choosing the right lingerie if he is wearing it to and yes most of us crossdressing men know how to wash and take care of lingerie after all we to want it to last a long time thanks allen

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