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lace slip shorts

Now this is an interesting item of lingerie, is it not? These long slip pants are perfect for men who like the feeling of smooth nylon all the way down their legs (or at least to knee length, in the case of these particular panty slips. I’m going to feature two styles today, the first is a less expensive, slightly shorter model made by Illusion. There’s a lovely thick band of lace at the bottom which does nothing but add a touch of femininity to the affair.

Lace Slip Shorts by Illusion

Velrose Slip Culottes

velrose culotte

The other are these Velrose Culottes, which can be adjusted, if by adjusted you mean can be snipped off like a net curtain. At 26 inches long, they provide a little more coverage than many slips, whilst also providing a nice loose fit. Wear them to bed, around the house, or even under business attire if you like. The occasional wisping of soft lingerie against your thighs as you go about your day is sure to boost your mood.

Velrose Snip-it 26″ Culotte Slip

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