Loneliness and the Man in Lingerie

Loneliness is a terrible pain that can strike anyone at any time. A feeling of isolation, it is possible to feel loneliness even when surrounded with many other people. (Yeah, I just explained what loneliness is as if you’d never heard of it before. Bear with me, it gets better.) Men who wear lingerie are prone to a certain type of loneliness that manifests in them feeling separate and ‘other’, sometimes even when in a lover’s embrace.

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6 thoughts on “Loneliness and the Man in Lingerie

  1. Judy

    I don’t understand why men want to wear panties. I have read this , but still it don’t explain why except loneliness. I am a female and I have felt loneliness too in a crowd, in the bed with my husband, etc.
    My husband wears panties. I ask him why and all he says is they feel good. Could someone explain this to me.

  2. Hope Post author


    On this page there are several other articles that deal with the ‘why’ . Why not read one of them instead of the one that clearly doesn’t deal with the why factor ? The answers are here, but you will have to read a little for them.

  3. mike

    the same feeling you get when you wear panties, the silky,soft microfibre,etc. the same feeling your husband gets, may be even better.

  4. Mikki

    As Judy will discover if she reads sufficient postings, in particular the responses from readers under the topics, there are many reasons but a few simple themes. Predominantly they are:

    Sensual – the tactile arousal from feel of the fabrics and fit of lingerie

    Femininity – the release of the male bonds many feel are placed on men in our society – the need to express the feminine aspects of our personalities.

    Masochistic – the psychological belief that expressing femininity is a humiliation of the male part of the ego, the resulting punishment of being feminized is a powerful stimulant both physical and mental.

    Of course you also have gender shifting trends underlying all three of the above. If you believe as I do, that sexuality is based not along lines but in a statistically normal distribution along a curve and standard deviations, then you can envision that pure heterosexuals and homosexuals occupy only the ends of the spectrum and those who are bi-sexual fill the middle.
    I am a male who is decidedly bisexual, but only with feminine males. When I am with women or masculine men, I express as a masculine male… but doll me up in pretty lingerie and heels and put me in a room with other feminized males and I am as giggly and promiscuous as the girls field hockey teams favorite cheerleader.

    So Judy, I don’t envy you your search for the “why”… perhaps you need to shift your focus to “why not” and enjoy the ramped up excitement you can elicit from your husband by buying him the trashiest set of lingerie either Frederick’s or Victoria has available and enjoy the ravishing sex that is sure to result!

  5. Hope Post author

    Good points Mikki, I have to give Judy some props for not simply rejecting her husband’s desires out of hand and instead trying to understand them. Sometimes, seeking the why helps us to move towards the ‘why not’.

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