Life’s Too Short Not To Wear Panties

I’ve been working on the He Wears Panties book, Panty Vigilantes, and one point that I really want to make in the book, and this site in general, is that life is too short not to wear panties. Assuming you want to wear panties. You know what I mean.

This might sound like a glib one liner, but its really not. It’s something that goes to the very core of our existence as humans on this rock. You have but one life to live, and that life should not be lived denying yourself simple harmless pleasures like wearing lingerie because of a misplaced sense of guilt or self loathing.

All we can know for sure about life is that our time is limited, and even if the reincarnation crowd is right, you don’t come back as the same person in the next life. Everything in our lives is precious, and that includes our fantasies and desires.

Oftentimes people think that desires and fantasies and day dreams and everything that goes into the rich inner life we experience is less important than what is ‘real’, but when you die, your dreams die with you too. So seize every moment to live your dreams and indulge your fantasies, for we exist for but a blink of an eye and then we are gone again. This day truly is precious and numbered. Live it to the fullest, not in chasing riches or other temporary so called achievements that will fade with age and end in death, but in fully experiencing what it is to be alive. When your time comes, you will not count your time on earth in terms of the money you have in the bank, or the rank you rose to in your work, but in the joy you experienced and brought to the world.

One thought on “Life’s Too Short Not To Wear Panties

  1. Panty Man

    Well said! Last year I came to the realization that I didn’t want to have to hide this side of my life from my next girlfriend or wife, and so when I set up my profile on, I explicitly selected a “handle” saying that I wear panties, and mentioned it in my profile. Although I haven’t met anyone yet, I have gotten emails from some women admiring me for being brave enough to be upfront about it. The world is changing, and this is getting to be less taboo. Maybe one day soon, we panty wearing men will be able to talk about it with our friends and families without being looked down upon.

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