Let’s Make A Book

Okay, so, as you may or may not be aware, a book is something I’ve wanted to work on for a long time. However, with things being as they are and having a difficulty finding a specific focus, I’m afraid although I have written quite a number of pages, it never really felt like the book I thought it should be. However, a year ago, one of the forum members, BaliHigh suggested a photo picture book. And that idea has galvanized me, because I feel a picture book would be truly representative of the community, and not me espousing my opinions, which I feel I’ve done more than enough of over the years.

So here’s what I’m interested in doing. If you have hi-res, high quality and tasteful pictures (not looking for anything x-rated) of yourself wearing lingerie which you would like to be included in the book, please send them to BOOK@HEWEARSPANTIES.COM along with a paragraph about what wearing lingerie means to you. The object of the project is to share the beauty of men wearing lingerie, so although pictures will necessarily be intimate, they also need to be artful. The book will not be designed to be titillating in nature, rather to step over the other side of the pantyline and show lingerie from another perspective.

I’m looking for a great many contributors on this project. And, because we need to set dates for these things to make sure they happen, I will update this main site on the 20th of the month to provide a status on the progress of the book, and every week thereafter until it is complete. Obviously, this project depends on He Wears Panties readers and supporters to make this happen, however, so this is contingent upon reader response. If you do decide to submit an image, anonymity will be strictly preserved in all cases, and I will require a release to publish the photos in the book when it is ready.