Laura’s Printed Lace Boyshort Panties

rear lace panties

Two types of panties, very similar but slightly different, depending on whether or not you like your lace in the front or the back. What these panties share is a designer, a love of bright printed motifs (and who wouldn’t love having ‘oh my god’ printed over the sensitive areas of their body – as is the case with the front side of the blue pair up above. Or perhaps you prefer something a little more geometric and abstract that puts the lace on the front of the panties, where you can see it if you happen to casually look down whilst not wearing pants. As you do. Casual without pants. Yeah.

lace print panties

LauraLace Boyshort Panties (Lace on the back…)

Laura Lace Printed Boyshort (Lace on the front…)