Lace Panties For Active Men

Are you the sort of man who does a lot of physical activity in his day to day life, making traditional lacy panties pretty uncomfortable after the first mile of sprinting? Well chafe no longer my friends, here are some panties designed to keep you comfortable, wick moisture away and look sweet whilst they do it. You can see the soft active grid in the main panty fabric, trimmed with a lovely lace band that adds a touch of the feminine to your day. Ex-Officio makes these panties in a variety of styles, one of the plainer cuts (which could very well pass as male underwear if you prefer a stealth fit) has been featured on He Wears Panties before in the form of Adventure Panties. With a wide range of cuts and colors, you’d be wise to check them out. Check them all out!

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Lacy Low Rise Bikini Panties