Lace Kiss Bralette

A bralette is a bra for people who don’t really need to wear a bra for support, but like the way it looks. Thus the bralette is perfect for the discerning fellow who likes to not only wear a little lingerie, but an entire ensemble, or for the guy with an eye for lovely lace located a little north of the usual lingerie location. (I’m all hopped up on alliteration folks, it’s been a long weekend.)

The bralette featured in this little article is clearly beige, but guess what they’ve called it ‘mother of pearl’. I like to imagine mother of pearl as a distinguished woman just back from riding her favorite stallion across the English countryside, but this works too. This little lace bra also comes in black and in a rather lovely blue teal.

See the Wacoal Lace Kiss Bralette in all colors!