Knickers For Men


Knickers. Heh. Knickers for men. I can write the word ‘panties’ over and over a gazillion times and keep a perfectly straight face whilst doing it, but for some reason, the word ‘knickers’ just gets me. Perhaps its the way it is reminiscent of British Colonial roots. Perhaps it’s the playful connotations the word seems to have. It’s hard to take knickers too seriously, which is precisely why you chaps who love women’s lingerie should think about buying yourself some knickers.

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4 thoughts on “Knickers For Men

  1. John

    I never cared for Boxer type undies – always prefered jockey style. Still, Knickers/bloomers are great to sleep in – under a sexy Babydoll top is best.

  2. Mikki

    Only related to sleeping: I like the bloomers that fit like a full brief panty, but have a bit more room and elasticized at the waist and leg. I don’t like the long leg bloomers at all – I’ve had a couple pair and they just don’t do it for me.
    My preferred sleeping attire is a form fitting slip with a pair of full brief one size too big. Nothing gets tied up or wrongly knotted and the slip – well, it slips over the sheets with a whisper. Heaven.

  3. Silkytouch

    Silk French Knickers are great to wear but these are too short to give any male coverage. They do, however, look exciting.

    Bloomers are usually baggy versions of full cut or Granny Panties which can also be fun to wear but should not be confused with Boxers which were originaly baggy shorts worn by boxers.

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