Jon’s Moderated Panty Story

This comment was posted by Jon, to No Jack, You Can’t WearPanties, The Objectification of Men, unfortunately it was far too explicit for Hub Pages, so here it is in its full glory.

My little story about how this worked out for me.

I must admit that I have a fetish for women’s soft fuzzy angora and cashmere sweaters.

I was married for 16 years and hinted about this a few times by buying her a couple of sweaters. Guess what, she didn’t get it.

She was never a sensual woman and sexually I was never really happy with her. She told me it was the close I liked and not her! I give up!! Point is I’m glad it wasn’t the panties I told her about!

So came along the big D, and for a lot of other reasons beside this.

Anyway, after some time on my own and some sole searching, this year I met the most wonderful girl.

She is eastern European, tall beautiful, sensitive with an awesome personality.

We are both working professional, attractive and educated. We don’t work out, we sexercise and take walks.

She is the all time coolest babe in the world. We even go to the gentleman’s club together because she loves the sexy strippers.

This does not bother me, I am pretty open minded for a conservative guy. I think it’s cute and she has a great time and talks with all the girls. I think she secretly wants to be a stripper. I know she would do it on armature night as she is not shy that’s for sure. She is defiantly not a promiscuous or sleazy girl either. Just the perfect, good girl, bad girl who loves her man but like to live a little.

I knew she was a keeper the day she said “so what’s your fetish?” Oh baby where I begin….

I didn’t actually come right out and tell but she told me hers. I wanted to wait until I could give her a snuggly sweater with flowers and say “this is my fetish.” I just didn’t think telling her was the way to do it and I felt like I needed a little more time to get this right.

A couple months went by as we played and teased about a lot of things including her begging to know my fetish.

So I figured it was time and I brought her home my present (the sweater) she couldn’t wait to see what I got her.

She likes to model cloths for me and is very girly so it was a hit! I didn’t even have to say a word she had it on later that night for a glass of wine. We talked and you know what happened next. Since then I have bought her one more and another sexy sweater dress is on the way for Christmas. She is crazy about it!

So let me get to the panty side of the story.

I have never felt so open with anyone; we talk and share fantasies and real life stories. We are so open about what we like sexuality it’s incredible! However, I never told her I liked wearing panties only sweaters. I got to tell you I could get buy with out the panties. But I was on a roll here so one morning she was lying in bed and I picked her sexy little silky white panties. I said,”I love these panties on you” she said, “put them on, I want to see what you look like in them.” I laughed and went into the kitchen and got a cup of coffee. You know I didn’t want to seem too excited about it! LOL, when I returned to the room I took them off the bed and slipped them on. She reached out and felt me in them and said “pretty nice, turn around, let me see the back” We laughed a little and then I said I have to get going to work. I went in the bathroom and took them off and threw them on the bed at her at the same time telling her how good they feel on me.

A few days passed and I sat down and wrote her an email, because we talk to each other, mainly in person, but also phone sex text and email once in awhile.

I wrote to tell her how beautiful she is and that how our being open and honest with each other has deepened our love and respect for each other. I continued on and got a little playfully as I threw there how it was great that I could put her panties on and not feel embarrassed or stupid about it. How we just both laughed and enjoy it. Hay she wears my boxers and my Polo shirts so what the heck, right? I told her how great her panties felt but how more so they felt intimate. I felt so close to her with her soft panties on me, it was like having her naked and next to me.

So needless to say panties are on the menu in my house! She loves it; I sleep in them a couple times a week. But because she is a little devil she has this little game she plays. What she like to do is set a pair out for me on days when we are together then I know I have to wear them out of the house. Its way to cool and I do the same to her sometimes and she has to wear my boxers.

A lot of this is in the approach guys, but still you must have the right woman.

I find wearing my girlfriends panties a way of being intimate with her and we’re both ok with it.

I could care less what anyone thinks about it, we’re not trying to sell it on the street. It’s fun, safe, and harmless and has truly brought us together at a level that will hurt so badly if I ever lost her.

You have to respect each other and be open from the start. If you’re not in touch with your feminine side or she has no emotions or just acts tuff all the time this may not work. Truly it takes a certain personality and acceptance to have some of these things happen.

Take time and talk, touch her, pull her close, smell her, kiss her all over her body and I mean all over.

Run your fingers through her hair, pick her up and squeeze her and tell her you love her.

If you can do all this and truly feel it deep inside, that’s when it’s real.

If you can’t do these things then there is no way in Hell you’ll ever share anything intimate, especially wearing her panties and having her know about it.

Take it slow like I did and don’t give all up at once. Start with some easy conversation and work your way into it. This may take a week or two, even a month. You might be surprised what she is thinking and may tell you.

I’ll shut up now and end with this.

Guys I can’t tell you how many times when she’s not home that I’ve laid on the couch and pulled one of her soft angora sweaters over my arms, smelling her sent and perfume on it and just fallen asleep.

What an awesome way to get that close when she’s not around and to smell her perfume, it’s like the next best thing to her silky skin.

Hell, she comes home and finds me cuddle up with it and loves it. It’s all warmed up for her, she slips it on and lies down with me.

I hope everyone can find some peace like this and enjoy your time with each other.

So whether it’s her panties, bra, shoes, fluffy sweater or whatever, go for it. It doesn’t mean you are drag queen, cross dresser, gay, bi, or anything. It means you love her and want to be close to her. So keep that in mind when you explain this to her.

By the same token ladies, because he wants to wear you panties, bra, shoes, gloves, hat, whatever does not mean there is something wrong with him. If you pass up the subtlety in it then you’re a fool and you would be better off alone.

NOW in my opinion there is a limit as to how far this goes and that’s up to the two of you. So if your thinking you all of the sudden realized you want to be a woman and expect her and the kids to except you completely dressing up and crashing around the house or possibly a sex change than that’s a whole nother story slick. That’s a bomb shell dropped and that’s got nothing to do with what I’m talking about here.

Talk To Each Other.