Jockey Panties, A String Bikini For Men

jockey string bikini panties for men

String bikinis can be surprisingly comfortable, and these super soft cotton bikini panties from Jockey’s Elance range are no exception. The low rise and flexible string fit make them perfect for male panty wearers (that is, panty wearers who happen to be male, and not wearers of male panties, because panties don’t technically have a gender.)

Now we’ve clarified that potentially sticky issue, lets look at these panties a little more. They come in simple styles as well as bright colors, shades and patterns. And if you click the link below, you’ll find that they come in a three pack of your choosing, so you can experiment with new patterns, soft pearl colors, floral medallions, oblong dots, or one of the several other collections being offered by Jockey.

Elance String Bikini Panties