Jimmy Shares His Love Of Slips

nylon slipIn which Jimmy shares his love of a nice nylon slip…

Naughty Nylon Dreams | Fabulous Full Slips For Men

JimmyC20593 says:

I wear a nylon full slip or half slip under my clothes to work everyday depending on what top I am wearing. I cannot get over how wonderful my full slip feels on my chest area and the way the nylon material glides over my panties and the straps pulling on my shoulders as I move. Most of my panties are VS Second Skin Satin Hi Cuts/briefs but have a few VF nylon hi cut panties. I find that the satin slips from Farr West feel wonderful the way it caresses my skin but it does not glide as smoothly over my panties than the nylon slips so that’s all I wear. I wear slips under my jeans, and shorts and love when a little lace escapes from the bottom of my shorts. I would love to have a lady see my slip showing and make a positive comment. I often drive around at night in my full slip, matching bra and panties and thigh highs for fun of it.

The slip is a staple in my wardrobe.

5 thoughts on “Jimmy Shares His Love Of Slips

  1. Ron

    Slips are just so sensual and even though I don’t regularly wear them I do enjoy the feel. going out driving dressed as you do Jimmy is just over the top erotic. Keep it up and when you can post a picture or two.

  2. Margaret

    I too love to wear lacy things and have a good selection of slips and panties in different colours which i wear under my everyday clothes.


  3. Il

    Big time Slip Lover here.
    I have a beautiful collection but always looking for more.
    Love slips with lots of lace.
    So soft and wonderful.

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