Jamie’s Wonderful Nights In Silk, Satin And Nylon…

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jamie  says:

I am 61 and have worn female panties and tights all my life. I was raised with two sisters and three girl cousins and we were all around the same age. I worn thier hand me downs and later in life I bought my own style and material. They were cotton back then but so soft and pretty prints. I loved the tights and nightie to wear to bed. My wife new while we were dating in high school. She bought me so satin ones and we had the best make out sessions. We both loved the feel and the feeling we were equal. When pantyhose came out she hated them but i loved then so silky rubbing on your legs, well she felt mine and asked why do they feel so much sexier on you then when she was wearing them she was very excited rubbing them with her hand and we had wonderful nights in silk, satin and nylon

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  1. Lisa Miller

    One thing I have noticed since I started living my female life that men have the most beautiful legs, so it only stands to reason that men should shave their legs and show their beautiful legs by wearing pantyhose, stay-ups, nylons and garters and tights, and now there are hundreds of manufactures making pantyhose and nylons and stay-ups for men because men are now buying more pantyhose, nylons anc stay-ups than women are. Some of these manufactures have stated that they are struggling to keep up with the demand because men are buying so many more of these pretty things like pretty panties, bras, and pantyhose, stay-ups and nylons and garters. I want to thank all the manufactures for making pretty under wear for men. personally speaking I started wearing pretty panties, bras, tights and pantyhose when I was 4 years old. I would get so jealous of the girls because they could wear the pretty dresses, petty caots and pretty paties and baby doll shoes, but now it’s ok and I’m going to wear them all i want to. Thanks Lisa Miller

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