Ilusion Low-rise Lace Front Satin Bikini

low rise bikini panties for men

Now these are some pretty panties, lace in the front, satin in the back. So I suppose the panties conform to the 80’s mullet mantra, business in the front, party in the back.

There’s a lot to like about these panties. They take a fairly traditional formula and they make it work, with a silky sheen toward the rear and a lace panel with a very pretty floral motif that will hide precisely nothing. The low cut makes them appealing to the male panty wearer, and they come in a decent range of colors. There are not one, but two shades of beige to choose from, but also a brighter raspberry pink tone, which is quite adventurous, as well as a more muted pink.

EDIT: These panties have been the subject of a VERY in depth review from one of our forum members, and I do mean in depth, pictures, even diagrams. It’s impressive and you should really check out this review from a man who has been wearing these panties since 2010, and has declared them to be his favorite.

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