How To Make A Man Who Wears Lingerie Happy

This one’s for the ladies, so if you have a woman in your life who is on the fence about your lingerie wearing, or one who would like to understand your love of lingerie a little more, feel free to point her in the direction of this article.

So your man wears lingerie. It may have come as a shock to you, or it may not. You may support it wholeheartedly, or you may be reserving your judgment for a later time. (You may already have run screaming for the hills, but if you did, it is highly unlikely that you’re reading this article.)

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One thought on “How To Make A Man Who Wears Lingerie Happy

  1. indrag13

    i love wearing sexy panties & lingerie and my woman truly indulges me because she knows it’s what i enjoy immensely, it’s a huge turn-on for us both. i can’t get enough, we both enjoy lingerie. she says that you can never have enough pretty panties.

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