How To Have Fun Wearing Women’s Clothing

This picture is really a case of ’nuff said.  As demonstrated not just this picture, but by the group of about ten young men we came across wandering around town in schoolgirl dresses the other evening (true story), we (society at large) accept men who wear women’s clothing as long as it is for comical effect.

It’s not an ideal solution, but it is a starting point.  If you happen to be a man who steps out in women’s clothing, how about putting a little element of fun into it next time you go out? A smile on your face often equates to smiles on the faces of those around you.

men in dresses

One thought on “How To Have Fun Wearing Women’s Clothing

  1. david

    I remember doing powder puff for high school. It was a blast. Of course its all for fun and nobody was gonna give anybody a hard time for wearing a cheerleader outfit. I had a hat on and fitted a pony tail wig thing to the back and some girls put eye make up on me. A few people told me that if I had just shaved my legs they would have thought I was a girl…. although the cheerleader top was very itchy and I kept rubbing my eyes and forgot there was make up on. I didnt have any panties to go with the outfit but oh well. It was a ton of fun.

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