How To Find Supremely Ruffled Panties

Most men, whether they wear panties or not, have a weakness for ruffles. Why? Because ruffles are eye catching, feminine and somehow classical. They also accentuate the booty region, which is alluring for all genders. Combining ruffles with panties creates a sort of uber panty, in much the same way that ‘Underworld’ (that vampire movie with Kate Beckinsale,) made the product of crossing Werewolves and Vampires a sort of uber Vampywolf creature that was inexplicably blue and had most excellent wings. Ruffled panties are just like that, except they are cute and alluring and all kinds of desirable.

So, now that we have discussed and agreed upon the general excellence of ruffled panties (I did say that they accentuate the butt, right? Because they really do, and men who want to look feminine will want to accentuate their butts and hips. Which, as I may have mentioned, ruffled panties are excellent at.)

Where can you purchase ruffled panties? All over the show. There are plenty of modern day made ruffled panties if one is prepared to venture out to one’s store or nearest online lingerie retailer, and there are also plenty of vintage ruffled panties about the place.

I’m a big fan of purchasing lingerie on Ebay. Why? Well, because plenty of enterprising sellers sell lingerie on Ebay imported directly from China, which means that you get to buy ruffled panties without some of the markup that Walmart or Target are going to put on them before they sell them to you. Ebay is also an excellent source for vintage ruffled panties, panties that once saw some serious action in their day, or maybe were only owned by one responsible lady who took them out for a short drive on Sundays. Make up your own story about their heritage, everyone else does.

If you’re searching the place for ruffled panties, try searching for ‘Rumba Panties’, as some retailers like to call them. Rumba panties tend to be boy short cut panties just covered in ruffles from top to bottom. Their cut makes them comfortable for men, and the ruffles make the look perfect. I’m not sure about the origin of the term ‘Rumba’ panties, so I’ve made up the fact that Rhumba panties are so named for the Pirates that used to kidnap wenches and make them perform saucy rumbas in sea water, which frayed the fabric of their undergarments and gave it a frilled look. It is also possible that frilled panties are good at doing your housework in an automated fashion, but don’t take my word for it.

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  1. Nyloned1

    I adore ruffled panties. I always wear a Rhumba style garterbelt under these panties which of course has RHT Nylons attached to it for that “ultimate” Feminine feeling!

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