5 thoughts on “How To Date A Man Who Wears Women’s Lingerie

  1. Stormy

    Hope, I appreciate so much your comments in this article. I wear lingerie ( I am a crossdresser ) and wish I understood why. If anyone ever solves the problem of why men wear lingerie, dresses, and crossdress, ad infinitum, they will go down in history.

    A woman can not change their man to the object of their desire, any more than a man can change their woman to the object of their desire. The best that each can hope for, and achieve, is the deep, dual communication between them that will aid each in understanding the other, their wants, fantasies, and desires.

    Long live the sexes!

  2. Mikki

    It often takes great insight to point out the obvious to the oblivious. This is one of those things that, to a lingerie wearing male at least, is as plain as the grass needing sunlight… and that so many women (and men) just can’t see. I have lived in the lingerie closet all my life, and will probably until my demise… but I would have loved to live in nice lingerie, pretty skirts, cute shoes, long hair, makeup… all when I wished and without guilt or shame or suffering the loss of all I hold dear.

    Thanks again for your keen insights Hope – your name was aptly provided.

  3. Leah

    I blame Quarks. Up, Down,Top, Bottom, Strange, Charm, take your pick, the darn things have been messing up the human psyche for years. Zipping and darting randomly to and fro, they’re just looking to start trouble. There’s far more to the Standard Model than has been made public! It’s time for nuclear physicists to ‘fess up and admit the truth!

    My theory is if the fetus is smacked by the right Quark at the right time, it’s all over baby. You are doomed to a life of satin and lace. :)

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