How Many Men Like To Wear Panties?

pantyville men wearing panties

Lots of men who wear lingerie feel a certain amount of shame and loneliness based on the (wildly incorrect) assumption that their desires are odd or strange. A man, growing up in cultural isolation of such matters, might even feel that he is perhaps one of a very few male people who like to wear lingerie.

I’d just like to take a short moment to dispel that myth. This site receives 4.5 million page views per year and more than one and a half million unique visitors. Let that sink in for a second. It’s absolutely certain that not all men who wear lingerie visit He Wears Panties. There’s no way of telling how many do, but it’s certain that it’s not all.

What we can know for sure, is that if you’re a man who wears panties, you’re in the company of at least, at least one and half MILLION other men. That’s an entire city full of men who wear lingerie. Pantyville. Pop 1.68 million and growing.

You can find many of the inhabitants of that global panty village on the forum here: He Wears Panties Forum