He Wears Panties – There Will Be A Book

Hello lingeristas! I have good news – I’m working on a proper book, the result of years of writing on the subject of lingerie freedom for men. There’s no drop date as yet, but I am anticipating some time in the not too distant future. I’ve played around with the idea before, four years ago, but there’s a lot more material now and the manuscript is well under way. In the meantime, if you’d like to contribute any personal tales to the book about your experiences being a man who wears lingerie, positive and negative (names redacted, privacy fully respected) please drop me a line at the following address:


Here’s an excerpt from a section of the book thus far simply titled: Touch

Some men like lingerie purely because it feels better than the underwear produced ‘for men’. Men’s fashions tend to focus on the utilitarian aspects of clothing. If a man wants to find thick, heavy cotton underwear, he can do that all day and all night. If he wants to find something that slides sensually against his skin – well, then he is told that he has a fetish.

This is a serious point of contention in the world where men wear panties. Whilst some men do undeniably wear lingerie for fetishistic reasons, others, who simply want to wear something much nicer than has been allotted to them by General Society (a hard bitten entity if ever there was one) find themselves shoved suddenly in the same category as full time crossdressers by people who have never really thought about lingerie and why they believe it should only be worn by women, and never intend on doing so. Whilst there is nothing wrong with being a fulltime crossdresser, men who are not, yet are treated as if they were, find that a tad tedious. It is both tiresome and disrespectful to avoid the effort of trying to understand a person by simply applying the closest label that comes to hand and shuttling them off to the ‘too hard, too silky, too soft’ basket.

Western women, used to our almost limitless options when it comes to adorning our bodies, can find it difficult to understand the challenge a man faces when he wants to wear anything besides a suit or jeans. Fashion options for men are locked way down, and any deviation from the norm is harshly noted and occasionally even punished by society at large.